Becklar Streamlines Account Migration Process for Enterprise Security Integrators

Organizations that take advantage of Becklar’s suite of enterprise monitoring services benefit from the ultimate end-to-end safety solution on the market.

As a leading provider of lifesaving and life-enhancing safety technology, Becklar offers a complete suite of connected personal health and safety solutions and workforce safety technologies to protect your workers, property, corporate customers, subscribers, and other assets across industries.

An essential and award-winning part of Becklar’s safety solutions is its superior wholesale alarm monitoring service, complete with interactive video monitoring and remote guarding services through its subsidiaries—AvantGuard, Armstrongs, and Eyeforce—an all star lineup in Enterprise Monitoring.

Organizations that take advantage of Becklar’s suite of enterprise monitoring services benefit from the ultimate end-to-end safety solution on the market.

Security Integrator Account Migration

Account Migration and Integration

More than ever, Enterprise Security Integrators are choosing to acquire security dealers and services to expand their portfolio and better serve their customers. As they continue to grow and expand, they run into some challenges and complexities—for example, the challenges associated with managing multiple business, operations, cultures, including a plethora of business management tools and reports. There is also a need to simplify and consolidate monitoring services. This is where Becklar Enterprise Monitoring comes into play.

Benefits of Partnering with Becklar Enterprise Monitoring

There are many benefits in partnering with Becklar Enterprise Monitoring. Here are just a few:

Becklar has garnered material expansion experience through years of organic and acquisition-based growth. This extensive experience has provided Becklar’s dedicated conversion team to gain irreplaceable hands-on experience with doing conversions. This experience has also allowed us to simplify and streamline partner processes for a fast, efficient, accurate, and smooth transition of dealer accounts to our award-winning monitoring centers. Whether it be a handful of accounts or a hundred thousand plus accounts, our conversion team is capable of completing the account migration in less than 30 days.

The combination of Becklar’s seasoned team and our customizable streamlined account migration process simplifies life for the Security Integrator, for the applicable dealers, and ultimately, for the safety and well being of the subscribers.

Unparalleled Response Times
In addition to extensive experience in providing fast and smooth conversions, Becklar’s enterprise monitoring subsidiaries, AvantGuard Monitoring and Armstrongs Monitoring, are recognized for providing the fastest emergency response times in the industry – 10 seconds or less! Our more than ten fully-staffed, state-of-the-art, redundant call centers operate 24/7. And with the implementation of Becklar’s AI-based Engage Platform to support our team of highly-trained, live operators, our service is unrivaled, resulting in the best possible subscriber outcomes.

Fastest Response Times – Under 10 Seconds

A partnership with Becklar enterprise event monitoring can help dealers grow their business, increase overall profitability, and improve efficiencies, including reduced false dispatches. This is done through our exclusive suite of enterprise monitoring tools and services available to dealers at no added cost. Tools such as our exclusive Dealer Dashboard, AG Chat/Armstrongs Chat, the Mobile App for technicians, and our MLS Reporting Tool are designed to help simplify life for dealers and to facilitate growth.

Pre-Built Integrations
Enterprise Security Integrators and Dealers also benefit from Becklar’s many pre-built integrations with leading third-party fire and burglary systems, PERS, CRMs, finance, and business development platforms. For example, AvantGuard and Armstrongs dealers have access to integrations with, CHeKT, Ajax Systems, One Stop Portal, Cornerstone Billing Solutions, WorkHorse, and more. These integrations can also be helpful in simplifying the account migration process.


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