Creating Solutions for a Safer World

We bring together innovative technologies and caring people to enhance the freedom, confidence, and peace of mind of our customers.

Cross-Industry Solutions

Our complete integrated suite of connected personal and workplace safety, health, and wellness solutions offer possibilities across industries to support your corporate customers, employees, subscribers, and assets.


Personal Health & Safety



Enterprise Monitoring

We provide commercial and residential wholesale security monitoring services for organizations and their customers that save lives and protect property around the clock. Our advanced, customizable technology combined with our highly skilled, caring operators enable us to respond quickly and accurately to signals from any connected system or device.

Personal Health & Safety

Provide discrete market-leading devices and mobile applications to protect your customers every day from social, physical and emotional risk. Our wholesale solutions help monitor individual safety and can alert contacts or professional monitoring when needed.

Workforce Safety

Flexible, end-to-end solutions that protect people who work alone, at height or in dangerous work environments with a dedicated device and/or app BYOD. Reduce your corporate risk by providing health and safety tools for employees that meet or exceed OSHA regulations.

Enterprise Platform

Our platform of services allows us to build customizable solutions to meet the connected safety needs of our customers across diverse industries. This integrated set of services is designed to be robust and flexible to fit into your environment either as an end-to-end ecosystem or as stand-alone services. By combining a human element with cutting edge technology, we make sure that our enterprise clients can provide the right help to their audiences at the right time.

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