ISC West 2023 Recap

AvantGuard, a Becklar Company, Features Full Suite of Solutions at ISC West.

Becklar and its subsidiaries, AvantGuard Monitoring, Freeus, Becklar WorkForce Safety and Becklar Personal Health and Safety, were fully represented this year at ISC West in Las Vegas. Becklar’s enterprise monitoring solution, AvantGuard (AG), took center stage educating industry professionals on how Becklar’s premier enterprise monitoring solution provides the fastest call answer rate in the industry. 

Premier Enterprise Monitoring

AvantGuard, Becklar’s enterprise monitoring partner, spans across North America with five central stations in the United States and four in Canada, serving over 1.7 million subscribers.  AvantGuard utilizes the most highly trained, skilled and compassionate operators in conjunction with cutting-edge AI technology to assist in prioritizing incoming event signals, resulting in the fastest emergency response times in the industry. While the average call answer rate for central stations in the industry is 20 seconds, AvantGuard, A Becklar Company, proudly delivers an average answer time of less than 10 seconds. 

Faster response times means faster dispatch in emergency scenarios. Since AG’s time to first engagement happens within seconds, the average time to dispatch also decreases from an industry average of five minutes to just 44 seconds. This results in the best possible outcome for subscribers.  

During ISC West, AG provided demos of some of their many innovative tools and services created to help dealers manage their business more effectively and more efficiently, including: 

  • Dealer Dashboard – A revolutionary data visualization tool that can help dealers minimize attrition, maximize monitoring efficiency, and capitalize on service opportunities. 
  • AG Chat – This technology helps confirm or disregard signals by creating a secure group chat for all members on a contact list to communicate with one another via chat. 
  • AG App – A convenient tool to help dealers place devices and accounts on test, view tested accounts, and help locate accounts thanks to Google Maps integration. 

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To learn more about how your business can leverage technology to better protect your subscribers, contact our monitoring partner. 

Beyond Security and Fire Monitoring

Aside from traditional security and fire monitoring, Becklar’s enterprise monitoring partner Has expanded its premier monitoring technology and services into the IoT space. Partnered with ProSentry, a company that offers real-time whole-building leak detection, AvantGuard was the only company that could synergistically pair with their sensors to reduce the costs associated with gas or water leaks through immediate action.   

Becklar’s enterprise monitoring partner also specializes in crash detection. AvantGuard has been successfully monitoring crash detection signals since 2016. With AG’s patented AI technology, combined with its highly skilled operators, customers who experience a crash benefit from the most accurate and timely help available. 

While AvantGuard, a Becklar Company displayed why it is the fastest-growing monitoring company in the industry since 2022, Becklar also demonstrated its newest verticals and latest connected safety solutions at ISC West.  

Becklar WorkForce Safety

Workplace injuries happen more often and are more expensive than one might think. Over 4 million workplace injuries require medical attention annually, and the average cost of a workplace injury is over $40,000. Becklar WorkForce Safety’s mission is to better protect workers and companies from workplace incidents. 

Featured at ISC West was one of Becklar’ premier workforce safety applications to keep workers safe – the WorkerSafety Pro app available on Android, iPhone and the Apple Watch. The application is currently being used by field workers, local government employees and across industries to improve the daily safety of workers. One example is Sunnova, a leading U.S. Energy Service Provider, who has partnered with Becklar WorkForce Safety to protect their field workers who work alone, at height, and often in other hazardous environments. 

Becklar WorkForce Safety demonstrated at ISC West that other industries can benefit from the added protection. For example, social workers often find themselves in potentially unsafe situations without the equipment or proper training to manage the situation. The WorkerSafety Pro app can help lone workers of any kind with its robust lineup of features including:  

  • Scheduled & Emergency check-ins 
  • Fall Detection  
  • Worker Down Detection
  • Panic Button  
  • Heart Rate Monitoring  
  • Organizational Dashboard 

If you didn’t get a chance to see a demo of the WorkerSafety Pro app at ISC West, you can enhance your corporate culture of safety by booking a demo today 

Becklar Personal Health and Safety

Becklar is also actively engaged in providing innovative solutions to support personal health and safety, one of the fastest emerging industries today. The same AI technology that assists AvantGuard in prioritizing incoming signals can be leveraged to increase patient engagement and overall personal health and wellness. Utilizing connected safety devices from Freeus, another Becklar company, and their two-way communication capabilities, combined with Becklar’s AI platform, Becklar is transforming the personal health and wellness industry. These technologies facilitate protective interactions that improve an individual’s overall health and wellbeing and ultimately lead to reduced healthcare costs for both patients and healthcare providers. 

Learn More About Becklar Connected Safety Solutions

Don’t worry if you were unable to catch Becklar at ISC West. You can contact us through our website anytime. As featured as ISC West, Becklar offers a complete integrated suite of connected safety solutions for corporations, enterprise monitoring, personal health, workplace safety, and overall safety and wellness across industries. To learn more about Becklar’s suite of offerings, fill out our form, and a Becklar specialist will contact you within 24 hours.