Belle X Certified on Canada’s Telus Network

Belle X , the first mPERS device to feature artificial intelligence (AI), certified on the Telus Network in April 2023.

Belle X is now available on the Telus Network for expanded coverage for Canadian dealers. Prior to joining the Telus network, Belle X was only available on AT&T and Verizon networks. With certification on the Telus network, Freeus, a Becklar Personal Health and Safety Company, can now provide the same trusted, reliable coverage and superior protection for customers across North America.

Canada’s Most Awarded Network

The Telus Network provides coverage reach to 99% of Canadians ensuring reliable coverage across Canada. Beyond their breadth of coverage, in February 2023, Telus earned six Mobile Network Experience Awards and five 5G Experience Awards. Some notable recognitions include:

  • First place – Excellent Consistent Quality
  • First Place – 5G Available
  • First Place – 5G Reach
  • First Place – 4G Reach

Many of the accolades received by the Telus Network are due in part to a massive $220 billion investment in the network’s infrastructure. This helped pave the way for the rollout of the 3500 MHz spectrum on its 5G wireless network. With the ability to use the 3500 MHz spectrum, Telus is able to increase network capacity and network speed while lowering latency. Overall, this provides a better user experience for all customers on the Telus network with their respective devices.

In a recent press release addressing the rollout of the 3500 MHz spectrum, President and CEO of Telus, Darrent Entwistle said, “We are extremely proud of the many ways in which our wireline network is facilitating critical, transformational change in respect of health, education, teleworking, the environment and the economy. Perhaps most importantly, our world-leading networks are helping to bridge digital divides so that every member of our society has the opportunity to realize their full potential.”

Freeus mPERS Technology

Freeus has led the industry by delivering a trusted line of mPERS devices with an array of robust features and options for their customers’ varying needs. The Belle mPERs device provides amazing 30-day battery life as well as 4G LTE coverage giving customers freedom and ease of use.

The Belle + offers 7 days of battery life on a single charge. The device features GPS location and WiFi for excellent coverage to ensure the end-users can receive immediate help wherever they are.

The Belle X, the latest and most technologically advanced mPERS device on the market, has a wide-ranging feature set that includes:

  • Reliable North American coverage
  • GPS and WiFi location services
  • Two-way HD voice communication
  • Extended battery life of up to 16 days
  • Caregiver app to monitor safety and activity
  • The smallest and lightest device on the market
  • Supported by award winning monitoring in three languages, 24/7

All Freeus products are powered by the Freeus IoT Platform, which seamlessly communicates with our sister Becklar company, AvantGuard Monitoring Centers. AvantGuard (AG) is a UL-Listed, TMA 5 Diamond Certified central station with nine monitoring centers across the United States and Canada. AG received the ‘Monitoring Center of the Year’ award by The Monitoring Association as well as three excellence awards from ESA in 2022.

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Pairing the Belle X and Telus

Pairing the Belle X  mPERS device with the Telus Network was a natural fit. Freeus devices work with only the best and largest cellphone providers available to provide the strongest and most reliable coverage to customers. With the Belle X, Freeus pushed the envelope by implementing cutting-edge technology to serve mPERS providers and their users now, and in the future. Adding an automated virtual assistant (AI) to the Belle X device allows users to receive help within seconds, speeding up the average response time to AG’s industry-leading 9.4 seconds. The average for the industry hovers around 20 seconds for a first response.

Telus is also aggressively planning for the IoT future. They announced plans to build their own standalone 5G network to provide the speed and signal coverage necessary for the future of healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and transportation innovations. This forward-thinking towards innovation aligns perfectly with the Becklar family of brand’s commitment to innovation.

Final Thoughts

Freeus continues to innovate with technology that provides independence and peace of mind for its device users. With the availability of the Belle X on the Telus Network, mPERS dealers across Canada can now offer their customers the most technologically advanced mPERS device on Canada’s most reliable network.