Improving Completion Rates for Clinical Trials

Becklar Engage improves patient
participation and data collection

Clinical trials are the primary way health care researchers discover the efficacy and safety of a new treatment. But clinical trials are difficult to launch for several reasons such as identifying and securing patients, patient engagement, and data collection. Once a clinical trial has begun, the latter becomes an increasingly important and difficult task to manage.

Patient engagement plagues many clinical trials from proceeding or beginning. Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies report that nearly 80% of trials are delayed by at least a month due to patient retention, costing companies an average of $600,000 a day. Patients leave trials for many reasons – including moving away or having difficulties remembering to take their readings.

Clinical trials often take place at several different sites, especially as the trial reaches later phases. More sites equal more patients, procedures, and more data collection to manage. Doing clinical trial data manually is often time consuming and opens more opportunities for errors in the data, which can be critically detrimental to the accuracy of the trial.

80% of Clinical Trials are delayed by 1 month at a cost of $600,000 per day.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Connected Safety Solutions

Staying connected is critical in today’s society. It has never been easier to manage our safety.

Increasing Clinical Trial Leads to Lower Costs

The Engage Platform can help with patient participation and management of clinical trials with its customizable platform that utilizes open APIs so enterprise users can adapt it to their needs. The platform assists clinicians and researchers in implementing their trail regimen for patients to take their medications on time, check their equipment, or take their readings as prescribed. If a reading is missed or is out of range, the platform can proactively engage with patients automatically to remind them to take action or retake their readings to verify results.

If required, the platform can contact patients directly, through their IoT device or other preferred channel, and connect them with their healthcare provider. This saves time for providers as they are not trying to reach patients unsuccessfully. It also helps improve patient compliance with their health plans, leading to better trial data and results.

The Engage platform can help improve patient compliance from the moment a participant enters the program. Once a participant receives their data collection devices, the Engage Platform can contact the patient directly, through any channel, instructing them on how to set up their device, collect data, and answer any questions they may have. Throughout the trial, the Engage Platform can send reminders, provide encouragement, and notify plan administrators if any issues arise. Since these calls are handled by the AI-enabled platform, supplementing human operators, it is extremely cost effective. Leveraging this program means that there are less trips into a doctor’s office, and proximity to the trial location becomes less of a factor.

Benefits of Patient Engagement

It can take over a decade  to complete a clinical trial on new medicine. Keeping patients engaged through all three (possibly four) phases of a trial can be accomplished and beneficial with the help of the Becklar Engage Platform. Not only can the platform increase patient compliance, but it can lead to an improved efficiency of the trial and a higher quality of care for the patients in the trial. The Engage Platform can help improve the success of any clinical trial or patient compliance program by improving patient engagement through cost-effective automated voice reminders. It can improve quality of care through predictive analytics and alerts, as well as patient compliance through easy-to-use solutions. The platform also reduces costs by freeing up clinical resources from routine tasks and reducing patient hospital visits resulting in better overall health. To learn more about the Becklar Engage Platform, download our whitepaper.