Becklar’s Video Monitoring: Verification vs. Prevention

At Becklar, we are committed to offering the best-connected safety and security solutions.

Live video monitoring is a big part of connected safety and security systems today.

More and more people are gravitating towards having cameras because of their pivotal role in providing an indispensable layer of protection for homes, businesses, and public spaces. These surveillance tools have evolved significantly, harnessing advanced technology such as high-definition, night vision, talk down, and remote access.

Becklar is a leading provider of innovative connected safety and security solutions, and our video verification and prevention services provide superior protection.

The Difference Between Verification and Prevention

While both video verification and prevention are important, they serve different purposes. For instance, the primary purpose of video verification is to reduce false alarms, but video can also be used to prevent crime from occuring. False alarms are an issue that plagues the security industry and can have many negative impacts. They can desensitize security personnel or law enforcement, leading to delayed responses when genuine threats occur. This delayed response can be costly resulting in increased property damage. Many law enforcement departments will only respond if there is visual verification of an alarm, which makes this capability essential to adequately protect homes and businesses. Becklar’s Enterprise Monitoring division is spearheading video verification solutions to reduce false alarms so that emergencies will get the help needed as soon as possible. Video monitoring can also be used to prevent crimes before they happen with interactive talk down services and remote guarding. Becklar’s subsidiary, Eyeforce, is the industry leader in video surveillance and remote guarding to provide interactive security and deterrence of crime.

The Benefits of Video Verification

There are many benefits to having video verification as a feature.

False alarms consume valuable resources—both in terms of time and money, as responders investigate non-existent threats. They can also cause unnecessary panic or anxiety among individuals who rely on the security system for their safety, leading to a loss of trust in the system’s reliability.

Many times, first responders will look for video verification before responding to an event. Thus, having this feature is crucial in security systems.

Additionally, along with the actual proof of an emergency, verified responses are increasingly important. What does this mean? It means that in the event of an emergency, the details of said emergency can be obtained quickly and accurately.

Many times, first responders will look for video verification before responding to an event.

The Benefits of Remote Guarding

Eyeforce’s remote guarding is a game changer.

Remote guarding is more than just recording; it allows for real-time monitoring. This innovation is vital because it is insufficient to rely on only continuous surveillance and hope for a quick response. The real strength of remote guarding is in the detection of immediate threats. The system lets you communicate with an intruder, whether they are entering a property or simply approaching. This is a way to prevent criminal activity from happening.

Another benefit of remote guarding is cost-effectiveness. This alternative to having an on-site security guard provides continuous monitoring, deterrence, and protection integrated with existing security systems. The Eyeforce solution is camera agnostic, meaning it can work with virtually any existing camera system on the market today.

Often, there is concern over security guard turnover and effectiveness. However, by outsourcing this service to a proven leader in the space with remote guarding, those concerns diminish.

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Adaptability & Innovation at Becklar

At Becklar, we are committed to offering the best-connected safety and security solutions.

Remote video guarding offers flexibility and is tailored to meet the needs of clients and their existing infrastructures. In contrast, video verification technology improves accuracy, reduces false alarms, and provides better protection for your home or business. Together, these services provide an additional layer of protection and help ensure that any emergency is responded to quickly and accurately.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your employees and property are protected with these services.