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More than 2 Million Workplace Injuries Recorded in the United States Annually

At Becklar, our Workforce Safety team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your employees. Given that factory workers may often operate in solitude, or even when in proximity, they could be out of each other’s line of sight. In the event of an accident, swift response time is paramount. Our manufacturing safety solutions enable continuous connectivity with each worker, facilitating efficient management of safety protocols and timely communication during critical moments of need.

Effortlessly deploy and oversee safety protocols through Becklar’s cutting-edge monitoring service, mobile apps, and interconnected safety devices. Our innovative safety solutions empower you to preemptively safeguard employees against unforeseen risks and respond promptly during emergencies. Workers can establish check-in times in hazardous scenarios and discreetly request assistance when required. Leveraging our safety solutions enables seamless communication with your employees through the devices they already possess. Our advanced safety platform ensures the protection of workers and upholds their privacy, with no unnecessary information being recorded or transmitted.

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Becklar Workforce Safety ProMat Partner EVS, LLC

Geospatial and indoor positioning technology from EVS to pinpoint employee location and get help during emergencies.

Ditto partner at ProMat 2023 with Becklar Workforce Safety

Improve your workforce safety with Ditto mesh network connectivity connected to Becklar Workforce Safety.

Otterbox Partner with Becklar Workforce Safety at ProMat 2023

Keep your connected workforce protected and enable workers to use job-essential technology in the toughest conditions.