Becklar’s Complete mPERS Solution

As a leader in innovation, Becklar spearheads care and freedom for all. Partner with us for the most comprehensive personal health and safety solutions.

We live in an era where technology continually enhances our daily lives, and using a complete mPERS solution is a game-changer in personal health and safety.

At Becklar Personal Health & Safety, we are focused on providing holistic protection for subscribers and a complete, integrated platform for our dealers. Our industry-leading mPERS devices offer the longest battery life with the smallest and lightest hardware, while providing users with immediate access to emergency assistance. However, not only do we concentrate on the quality of our devices, we focus on mPERS solutions as a whole—including devices and applications supported by AI-powered tools, an IoT platform and access to 24/7 monitoring.

The only Integrated mPERS Ecosystem

With a comprehensive ecosystem of personal health and safety devices, apps, services, and platforms, Becklar’s personal health & safety solutions stand out in the industry.

Market-Leading Devices

Becklar’s industry-leading portfolio of mPERS devices from Freeus, A Becklar Personal Health & Safety Company, give users peace of mind and several options to choose from depending on their needs.

Belle X is the most technologically advanced mPERS device on the market today, yet is still discreet and light-weight. With all of its features, capabilities, and services, it is still easy to operate—even for technical beginners.

Becklar Personal Health & Safety mPERS

Our advanced mPERS devices come with a range of features including exceptionally long battery life, fall detection, first movement of the day, activity tracking, geofencing technology, and more. Other devices in the portfolio include the wrist-worn Belle W, and the economical Belle S boasting a battery life of over 45 days on a single charge.

All of Becklar’s devices are certified on various cellular networks. Belle S is on the Verizon 4G LTE network. Belle W is on both AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE.  Belle X can be used across all of North America on AT&T, Verizon 4G LTE, and Telus. All of our devices function on cellular networks which means no landline is required.

Innovative Apps

At Becklar we understand that caring for a loved one with respect is critical. Now with our Caregiver App, family members can help support the overall health and safety of loved ones from anywhere. This innovative app helps to set goals for steps and activity, helps locate a lost device, and helps protect loved ones if they wander with geofencing technology.

The Caregiver App also tracks and detects button presses, falls, low battery, on-off status, and the first motion of the day. These features help enhance the health, safety and independence of the user, and can help provide insights to prevent injuries from occurring. It also delivers peace of mind to caregivers and their loved ones across North America.

Becklar Personal Health & Safety Devices

AI-Powered Platforms & Integrations

AI technology has truly come a long way in enhancing the services and level of care offered to subscribers. The Becklar AI-based Engage Platform is an integral part of the ecosystem, offering the ability to proactively engage with subscribers for medication reminders and safety checks, as well as reactively engage by understanding the intent of a service call, button press, and conversations.

We offer integration with our premier monitoring centers, and the Engage Platform, as part of our mPERS ecosystem. The Engage Platform leverages natural language processing services to help streamline interactions between the user and our skilled operators. As a result, personal safety becomes more effective when AI technology is utilized.

Becklar also helps dealers achieve faster time-to-revenue by pre-integrating solutions with carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and TELUS, as well as providing SIMs card integrations. These integrations allow dealers to focus on services to subscribers and eliminate the need to take additional steps to integrate with monitoring centers or other providers.


Unparalleled Support

Becklar Personal Health & Safety is proud to offer support and services to our dealers that are unmatched in the market. Our devices and platforms are designed, engineered, manufactured and supported in-house, giving dealers direct access to the experts. These close relationships fuel our passion for innovation, and have helped lead the development of easy-to-use dashboards and tools to help dealers manage their businesses, and drive incremental revenue.

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Comprehensive mPERS Solutions – Introducing Belle Series S

How Becklar is Different

Although there are many mPERS device manufacturers, only Becklar offers a complete and integrated mPERS ecosystem. Becklar provides holistic protection for subscribers, from superior devices to engaging apps, and our dealers enjoy fast time to market with integrated services, tools to help manage their businesses, and access to unmatched support by our North American response teams that answer inquiries within 30 minutes. Only Becklar Personal Health and Safety provides a complete wholesale solution that benefits both dealers and their subscribers.

The Benefits for Dealers, Customers, and Subscribers

Becklar offers innovative solutions and capabilities that allow dealers to get started quickly, onboard customers or subscribers seamlessly, and grow revenue at a rapid pace.

For dealers, we offer hardware, service, sales and support training, and marketing materials to facilitate customer acquisition. Our competitive solution pricing and offerings help you increase your ROI.

Additionally, our mPERS solutions are simple for your customers to use, leading to high customer satisfaction rates and low churn. You can offer your customers a variety of devices and service levels to fit their needs and the needs of their loved ones. They will have peace of mind knowing they are protected and have access to help if needed.

Partner with Becklar Today

Our mPERS solutions represent a significant leap forward in personal health and safety monitoring. By offering mobility, real-time communication, and other advanced features, these devices, apps, monitoring centers, and platforms empower users to live confidently and independently.

As a leader in innovation, Becklar spearheads care and freedom for all. Partner with us for the most comprehensive personal health and safety solutions.

Watch our most recent webinar, where we introduce the Belle S, to learn more.