Responding In Moments That Matter

Becklar AI Engage Platform

When every second counts, the Becklar AI-powered Engage platform accelerates response through AI-assisted awareness, assessment, and prioritization of actions, ensuring the fastest intervention.

Getting help faster in the moments that matter.
Industry-leading, AI-assisted response times in 9 seconds or less.

Eyeforce from Becklar prevents theft

Enterprise Monitoring
& Remote Guarding

Improve safety and stop theft before it happens.

Becklar has revolutionized personal and commercial property security by combining innovative machine learning and state-of-the-art AI video monitoring and remote guarding with Eyeforce, to proactively prevent theft and ensure safety around the clock.

Becklar Keeps your loved ones safe

Personal Health
& Safety

Prevent harm and improve outcomes.

Becklar leverages AI to enhance patient safety in home care by intelligently monitoring Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and implementing GeoFencing, ensuring swift response and protection for individuals in need of assistance, including those at risk of elopement.


Protect workers and respond faster.

Becklar’s AI Engage Platform proactively protects workers by monitoring wearable devices for potential problems including heat exhaustion, fall events, cardiac events, and worker distress alarms, ensuring rapid response and more timely deployment of the recommended interventions.

Becklar AI


The First and Most Advanced Safety and Security AI Platform

The Patented Becklar Engage Platform blends AI and Human interactions for better responses. AI quickly assesses and prioritizes responses, providing the right information to humans who can act and work together to respond quickly in the moments that matter.

A Complete Platform

This integrated set of services is designed to be robust and flexible to fit into your environment either as an end-to-end ecosystem or as stand-alone services that blend technology and human interactions.


Devices, Device Events & Data


Operators, Technology & Telephony


AI Services, Machine Learning, Engagement


Reporting, Notifications (Voice, Email, Chat, Push)


Analytics, Actionable Insights, Privacy-First & Secure

Becklar AI Devices and Apps

IoT , Wearables and Mobile Devices

Built to easily scale.

Our secure platform is pre-integrated with our professional monitoring center and manages data, activation, and setup for IoT devices including our multi-purpose connected safety devices. It automatically collects, monitors, and analyzes metrics such as location, first movement of the day, and signal strength. Open APIs allow for seamless integration to a variety of systems, reducing costs and speeding time to market.

AI Assisted Video Remote Guarding

Prevent Theft Before it Happens

Becklar AI Engage, combined with Eyeforce technology, uses machine learning and video cameras for early theft prevention. Its algorithms analyze video feeds, identifying suspicious behaviors. Upon detection, it alerts owners or security, enabling quick response before a theft occurs. This system automatically learns and improves over time, offering efficient, intelligent surveillance for enhanced property protection and reduced costs.

Becklar Remote Monitoring and Video Verification

Patented AI Engagement Process

9 Second Response Times

Becklar Engage works in 4 ways to rapidly assist resolutions.

  1. Assess: Becklar’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology accurately assesses situations.
  2. Prioritize: The AI-Response Copilot system prioritizes responses based on urgency.
  3. Act: Suggested actions are based on Becklar AI models, trained by millions of calls across all event types.
  4. Resolve: The platform autonomously resolves non-emergent events while emergent events are escalated to human operators with AI-assisted context and response protocols for the best outcomes.

AI Assisted Response Teams

28 Million calls per year

The Becklar Engage AI Platform is fully integrated into Becklar’s network of over ten North American response centers, transforming how AI-monitored alerts, emergency calls and customer interactions are managed. Our Patented AI engagement process is designed to enhance both the efficiency and effectiveness of responses, leveraging advanced AI technologies and highly trained response teams to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Becklar AI Assisted Response Times

Predictive AI Models

Solutions for a Safer World.

With the industry’s most comprehensive dataset for emergent and non-emergent alerts, Becklar AI Engage empowers customers with predictive AI models and services that aggregate event, response information, and device metrics to deliver improved outcomes by predicting and preventing incidents. Operating from a privacy-first, secure data center, Becklar provides businesses with immediate, usable insights, enabling them to operate with more safety and security than ever before.

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