Empowering Solutions to Support Aging Adults who Live Alone

With Becklar Personal Health and Safety single aging adults can look forward to a future that is safe and filled with independence and joy.

Solo agers—individuals aging without the support of a spouse, partner, or children—often face unique challenges ensuring their safety and well-being. However, with the right strategies and safety solutions, seniors living alone can empower themselves to lead fulfilling and secure lives.

How the Idea of Aging Alone Has Changed

The cultural attitude towards seniors living alone has shifted dramatically over the last few decades.

According to research done by AARP, more than one-half of single seniors feel content with their lives. Seniors are feeling more comfortable with the idea of living alone as they age. They are embracing their senior years and enjoying the freedom that comes with living independently.

As the number of aging adults who live alone continues to rise, it is important to provide them with innovative solutions to help them protect themselves in the event of an emergency.

Safety Solutions for Solo Agers

Safety is of the utmost importance, and there are various solutions that seniors can take advantage of to enhance their well-being.

Wearable Safety Devices

mPERS and other medical alert systems are invaluable for single aging adults, especially those with health concerns.

At Becklar, we prioritize the development of innovative solutions to provide superior, full service solutions with industry-leading devices. Our wearable mPERS devices are leading the industry not only due to the advanced, yet easy-to-use technology, but the complete range of features that enhance the solution. The devices are recognized as being the lightest and smallest in the industry, while boasting the longest battery life and highest audio quality available. In addition, Becklar devices are integrated with our award-winning central stations offering compassionate 24/7 protection.

Our mPERS solutions also feature fall detection, inactivity notifications, step counting, and geofencing to protect single aging adults wherever they are.

mPERS and other medical alert systems are invaluable for single aging adults, especially those with health concerns.

Regular Check-ins

Establishing a routine of regular check-ins with caregivers and/or loved ones can provide peace of mind.

A feature of Becklar’s mPERS devices is the ability to connect through voice, text, and email notifications. Therefore, whether through phone calls, video chats, or scheduled visits, having someone aware of their well-being helps single aging adults feel more connected and ensures that someone is keeping an eye out for their safety. With the user’s permission, Becklar’s solution also includes an app for Caregivers to help monitor movement, activity and safety without intruding on privacy.

Risks Associated with Independence

Even though many single aging adults choose an independent lifestyle, there are many inherent risks to living alone as people age. There is an increased propensity for falling or experiencing other types of accidents as their sight, hearing, strength and flexibility may decline. Such accidents can be serious and if they happen undetected without receiving quick assistance there are almost always serious repercussions. Being able to receive immediate assistance during those first critical moments is a game changer.

Other risk factors come into play for seniors who live alone such as malnutrition. Meal preparation can become daunting for some. It can lead to taking shortcuts or even skipping meals altogether. Mismanagement of medications can be another high risk factor for lone seniors. Detecting illness symptoms is another of many potential health and safety hazards. Empowering these individuals by giving them high visibility and access to caregivers or loved ones can help aging adults maintain their independence and age-in-place for a longer period.

In these instances, the Becklar Personal Health and Safety solutions provide much-needed peace of mind for both the aging adult and their caregivers. Becklar can provide enhanced services such as proactive reminders to take medications, notifications if typical activity patterns are interrupted, and access to caring help 24/7 through the press of a button.

Becklar provides access to caring help 24/7 through the press of a button.

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Planning for Independence

Everyone has the right to live independently for as long as they choose. Helping individuals and families embrace personal health and safety solutions to navigate the challenges of aging will enhance the ability to maintain independence. Through proactive planning and embracing the available resources, single aging adults can look forward to a future that is safe and filled with fulfillment and joy.