The Sprint to Safety:
The Golden Hour

When it comes to responding to a safety emergency, timing is everything.

When it comes to responding to a safety emergency, timing is everything. The “Golden Hour” is a medical phrase used to describe the first hour after an emergency event, when treatment is said to have the most impact on the survival and recovery of the individual in distress.

The CDC reports that each year, there are about 36 million falls among adults ages 65+, and 37% of those falls result in an injury that requires medical treatment. After a fall, prompt medical treatment is crucial.

This same critical response window can be applied to a wider range of emergencies, from fire and burglary to workplace accidents, to an imperiled lone worker or an individual with danger-zone vital signs. The sooner help – the right help – is reached, the sooner a crisis can be averted or diffused.

fastest emergency response time

Becklar’s integrated end-to-end connected safety solutions for enterprises and individuals are supported by our technologically-advanced AI monitoring.

 If needed, operators are contacted within an industry-leading 9-second response time, connecting users with trained specialists focused on their need. Our ability to deftly manage a high volume of calls – more than 15 Million per month – means everyone from individual subscribers to enterprise employees, as well as corporate assets, are cared for. Simply put, we reduce risk while increasing peace of mind.

Fastest mPERS response time

The best protection: Becklar’s solutions (including Fire and Burglary protection, mPERS, Connected Wellness, Workforce Safety, Personal Safety, and Remote Patient Vitals Monitoring) is supported by a flexible ecosystem powered by advanced AI technology, IoT platform, and customizable applications. Our data analytics provide actionable insights to help predict potential issues, prepare to respond, and most importantly, save lives. Enhanced by our highly skilled and experienced call center operators, we deliver the clearest path for rapid and specialized help for every unique call.

Becklar has your back with connected wellness, safety monitoring and more.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that each year corporations spend more than $70B on workers’ comp and medical costs associated with workplace falls. Add heart attacks, lacerations, and other hazards, and this already large number increases dramatically. Employees are the heart and soul of any company, and they are your most precious partners. Let’s keep them safe, together.

Fastest emergency response time

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