Video Verification and Remote Guarding – Does Your Central Station Provide Both?

Becklar provides the most comprehensive interactive video verification and remote guarding services in the market.

Video plays a vital role in the verification and prevention of security incidents. Video verification enhances the effectiveness of your customers’ security systems by sending a short clip of what triggered the signal to the monitoring center to validate the signal and dispatch emergency services if needed. Interactive video, on the other hand, is key in preventing potential crimes from happening. With interactive video, a remote guard specialist can interact (speak or set off an alarm) when a potential intruder enters a monitored area. Both video verification and interactive video monitoring occupy different spaces in our industry, and both play a vital role in the success of your customers’ security systems. That’s why Becklar recently acquired Eyeforce to provide the most comprehensive interactive video, video verification and remote guarding services in the market.

Interactive Video Monitoring and Remote Guarding with Eyeforce

Commercial theft is costly for businesses across the United States. In 2022, retailers lost approximately $100 billion dollars in merchandise where crime was the leading driver according to the US Chamber of Commerce. The average theft costs a business over $1,100. Eyeforce, a Becklar Company, is dedicated to proactively preventing crime that costs commercial businesses thousands of dollars each year.

In 2022, retailers lost approximately $100 billion dollars in merchandise.

Becklar acquired Eyeforce in 2022 to expand their comprehensive suite of security solutions. Daniel Forrest, President of Eyeforce, commented, “When commercial property owners partner with Eyeforce, their camera system becomes a proactive remote security guard that effectively detects intruders and deters crime before it happens.” Eyeforce is device agnostic and can be implemented into virtually any existing security camera system. This means your existing system can now be monitored by a remote specialist who can interact in real time with potential intruders, and even dispatch law enforcement to the scene if necessary. This significantly enhances commercial security systems and helps prevent crime, translating into measurable cost savings for businesses. 

Video Verification and False Alarms

False alarm fees can reach up to $1,000 per signal.

False alarms plague both the security industry and law enforcement. False alarms cost an estimated two billion dollars to law enforcement agencies alone. This has led to the implementation of fines for dealers and customers in some jurisdictions. False alarm fees can reach up to $1,000 per signal. For a central station that receives over 500 million signals a year, if one percent of those signals accrued fines of $1,000, that’s over five million dollars in fines to be paid by either the dealer or customer.

To combat false alarms and the associated fees, Becklar’s Enterprise Monitoring Centers including AvantGuard, Armstrongs and Eyeforce partner with industry leading video verification integrators like CHeKT to offer the best verification experience for both you and your customers. With CHeKT, a video clip of the event that triggered a signal is sent to our monitoring centers and evaluated by an operator. This information is critical in determining the relevance of the signal. For instance, our monitoring centers could receive a security signal from a residential camera capturing video of someone in the back yard of a home. The operator quickly receives the clip of the event and discovers it is a landscaper blowing leaves from a walkway. The operator can determine it was a false alarm and process the signal accordingly. Without video verification, the operator would begin calling emergency contacts, and if nobody answered or responded, dispatch would ultimately be requested.

Video verification, in this scenario, not only eliminates dispatch on a false alarm, but also speeds up the entire alarm signal processing timeline. Through our long-standing and trusted partnership with CHeKT, we’re able to speed up alarm signal processing to ensure that your customers get the fastest, most accurate help possible, knowing that in the event of an emergency every second matters. 

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How Becklar Enterprise Monitoring Centers Utilize Video

With video verification and interactive remote guarding, Becklar is tackling two of the biggest industry hurdles – false alarm dispatches and theft.

With video verification, we’re able to provide the fastest response times in the industry, in under 10 seconds. Through trusted video verification partnerships like CHeKT, we’re able to eliminate the guesswork of verifying alarm signals. Our video verification efficiently speeds up intrusion verification, lowers false alarm dispatches and improves the quality and effectiveness of your customers’ security systems, and their overall safety. To learn more about CHeKT and their offerings, visit the CHeKT website.  

With interactive video monitoring, we’re utilizing the power of AI along with remote guarding specialists to protect important assets and facilities and to create a safer working environment for your business and employees. For more information about remote guarding, reach out to an Eyeforce interacative video specialist today.