Becklar Expands Video Monitoring Capabilities with Acquisition of Eyeforce Remote Guarding

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Becklar has expanded their comprehensive suite of security solutions through the acquisition of Eyeforce Remote Guarding. Eyeforce, now a Becklar company, provides cutting-edge video surveillance technology, video analytics, and live audio intervention that can replace onsite security guards at commercial properties 24/7 using remote monitoring by professional crime intervention specialists.

This strategic partnership expands Becklar’s suite of connected safety solutions including commercial and residential wholesale enterprise monitoring, workforce safety technologies, personal health and safety solutions, Becklar’s advanced patented Engage platform, and now, advanced, interactive commercial remote guarding services.

Eyeforce Advanced Video Surveillance

With the acquisition of Eyeforce and their advanced video surveillance capabilities, Becklar raises the bar in security monitoring. Through remote guarding, Eyeforce turns each camera of a client’s video surveillance system into a proactive remote guard that can detect unwanted or suspicious activity and alert a remote security specialist. The specialist engages directly with the trespassing individual through a loud warning to deter any crime from happening, and to communicate with law enforcement if necessary. It provides proactive security through immediate intervention to defend a client’s property and important assets from threats such as unauthorized access, vandalism, or theft.

Real-Time Response with Live Audio Operator Intervention

Eyeforce’s live audio operator response intervention enables an immediate response in emergency scenarios. It also provides essential guidance through real-time communication between operators and individuals who are onsite during a critical incident. By providing immediate and accurate responses, many potential threats are deterred, and overall security and safety is dramatically enhanced. The result is peace of mind for Becklar’s clients, knowing that their property and their people are protected by the most robust security services in the industry. 

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Power of Artificial Intelligence in Providing Proactive Protection

Becklar recognizes the significance of intelligence in providing effective safety solutions. Through Eyeforce’s advanced AI and machine learning analytics, they gain invaluable insights from the video data collected. Using powerful algorithms, they can identify patterns, anomalies, and risks to proactively provide clients with threat detection, predictive maintenance recommendations, and overall operational efficiency services. Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning ultimately enhances the safety and security of your property and important assets and facilitates a safer working environment for your people.

Solutions that Benefit Organizations and Individuals

By combining Eyeforce’s cutting-edge remote guarding technologies with Becklar’s suite of industry-leading safety solutions, organizations and individuals now benefit from an expanded suite of security and safety solutions that surpass traditional best practices. Becklar delivers unmatched protection and peace of mind to their clients – enterprises and individuals who trust that their security needs will be fulfilled with speed, precision, and innovation. At Becklar, that is our mission and commitment; to make the world a safer place, one customer at a time.