Advanced mPERS Solution Drives Significant Benefits for VRI and End Users

PERS and mPERS solutions can provide seniors with independence and peace of mind that was once lost due to declining mental or physical health. These simple, yet powerful devices along with innovative services allow for someone to always be a single button push away from help in an emergency. Admittedly, mPERS devices haven’t always been the most convenient to wear, and it could be a struggle for end users to find the right mix of features that would suit their needs. Belle X by Freeus, a Becklar Personal Health and Safety Company, is a solution that helped Sean Harshman, Supply Chain Manager at VRI, address the needs of their end users while also alleviating pain points in inventory management.

About VRI

VRI provides remote patient monitoring devices and services to save lives and preserve independence for people in need and the caregivers who support them. For the past 30 years, through the devices they sell and the services they offer, their mission has been to extend and improve their user’s quality of life, while being a leader of in-home patient engagement.

Finding the Right mPERS Solution

VRI has carried Freeus Belle mPERS devices, as well as other mPERS devices for years. When Belle X was released, Harshman was excited about its small size and expansive feature set. “The Belle X was ahead of its time, in big part because of its small size,” said Harshman. “It was smaller than other devices, and having a device with its features in something so small was a great selling point,” continued Harshman.

One of the features that helped both VRI and the businesses they work with was the ability to turn fall detection on and off. “Some devices have fall, and some don’t. With a device that can do both, it allows us to carry less inventory,” said Harshman. For the end users, Belle X was not only smaller and easier to wear, but also gave users a “one-size-fits-all” solution that was easy to manage and provided the exact features users wanted and needed.

Belle X helped VRI by eliminating inventory bloat and improving their sales. “Our sales increased by having a nicer, smaller device with newer technology,” said Harshman. “Beyond the ability to turn fall detection on and off, the small Belle X device also features a step counter, which we know is important to many end users and their caretakers,” continued Harshman.

Belle X and its revolutionary technology checked all the boxes for both VRI and their end users. By adding Belle X to their inventory, VRI was able to eliminate redundancy in their supply while also providing end users with a mobile PERS solution that would fit their needs now and into the future.

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A Partnership Built on Trust

Flexibility, dealer support, and willingness to listen to constructive feedback have helped Freeus and VRI create a strong and trusting relationship. “We appreciate the partnership with Freeus and Becklar. What they’ve done, especially with everything for the Belle X, is exactly what we look for in a partner,” said Harshman.

Belle X and its revolutionary small design, as well as innovative services and platform, set the bar for the rest of the industry. The industry has not seen an mPERS device that is as small and as feature rich as the Belle X. Both end-users and companies like VRI continue to benefit from the solution. End users have amazing features like optional fall detection, step counter, and an easy-to-wear design. Belle X also enabled VRI to shrink overstocked inventory, while also increasing sales. “Belle X, is one of the industry leading devices,” said Harshman. Together, Freeus, a Becklar Health and Safety Company, and VRI, are helping health care providers, government agencies, and end users to live better quality, and safer lives.

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