Ogden, Utah, June 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Becklar, the leading provider of connected safety solutions for enterprise and individuals, announced today that one of the 15 largest states in the US is implementing Becklar’s Workforce Safety solution. The state will begin protecting their 1,700 + employees who work alone or in potentially dangerous environments with this solution this month.

The Becklar Workforce Safety portfolio utilizes cutting-edge technology, including innovative mobile applications (WorkerSafety Pro), powerful devices, a feature-rich safety portal, and award-winning, real-time safety monitoring services to protect the state’s lone workers. Becklar’s safety button pairs with the WorkerSafety Pro app on Apple and Android devices and Apple Watch via Bluetooth, enabling government workers to send for help quickly and discreetly if needed. The safety portal dashboard provides real-time data on lone worker safety and allows safety supervisors to immediately respond to emergency situations, providing unrivaled protection.

“The implementation of the safety button is vital for the safety of these lone workers,” said Brock Winzeler, President of Becklar Workforce Safety. “Having the ability to discreetly call for help gives them the protection they need.”

The Becklar Workforce Safety Portal provides the government agency with one centralized location to manage employee safety. The Safety Portal can manage internal emergency protocols, resolve emergency situations, and send mass, geotargeted safety notifications. In addition, some key capabilities of the offering that were critical to this government agency in selecting the Becklar solution include:

  • Scheduled Check-Ins 
  • Emergency Check-Ins 
  • Silent Alarms  
  • Siren Alarms 
  • Flexibility to work on Apple and Android platforms, and is the preferred Workforce Safety solution for Apple Watch 
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring 

With these capabilities, the Becklar Workforce Safety solution is able to support all the state’s safety protocols and help ensure the safety of their lone workers no matter where they are. 

Investment in the Becklar Workforce Safety solution illustrates the government agency’s commitment to employee protection and employee safety monitoring. It not only helps enhance the safety of their lone workers, but it improves employee confidence and morale, the efficiency of their teams, and helps ensure that operations are in compliance with, or exceed, all relevant OSHA safety regulations. 

Visit Becklar Workforce Safety to learn more about Becklar Workforce Safety. 

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