A Complete Enterprise Platform

Our platform of services allows us to build customizable solutions to meet the connected safety needs of our customers across diverse industries. By combining a human element with cutting-edge technology, we make sure that our enterprise clients can provide the right help to their audiences at the right time.

A Complete Enterprise Platform​

 This integrated set of services is designed to be robust and flexible to fit into your environment either as an end-to-end ecosystem or as stand-alone services


Devices, Device Events & Data


Operators, Technology & Telephony


AI Services, Machine Learning, Engagement


Reporting, Notifications (Voice, Email, Chat, Push)


Analytics, Actionable Insights, Privacy-First & Secure

Becklar devices


Our secure platform is pre-integrated with our professional monitoring center and manages data, activation, and setup for IoT devices including our multi-purpose connected safety devices. It automatically collects, monitors, and analyzes metrics such as location, first movement of the day, and signal strength. Open APIs allow for seamless integration to a variety of systems, reducing costs and speeding time to market.


Our sophisticated monitoring center and technology are pre-integrated with industry-leading devices and supported by caring and highly trained operators that take calls 24/7. We utilize advanced AI for faster call prioritization and offer flexible hybrid monitoring solutions.

becklar monitoring center worker
blue brain AI graphic


Our proven, innovative AI services use natural language processing, machine learning and other data to analyze information in real-time. This helps improve engagement and increase efficiency by providing the context necessary to determine the best course of action.


Our engagement platform provides inbound and outbound omni-channel event responses. Through this platform, we help our clients engage with the right stakeholder at the right time, in the right context, through the right channel. We offer a unique approach using AI services to augment human interactions, drive better service and improve customer retention.

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Our data services aggregate event and response information and device metrics to deliver actionable outcomes such as creating new value, highlighting growth opportunities, reacting faster, and predicting and preventing incidents. We operate a privacy-first, secure data center that can help you grow your business with insights you can use today.

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Proven Experience Serving 1.7M+

With 40+ years in the business, our expertise and resources allow us to scale rapidly to meet our enterprise customers’ needs. Our clients trust us with providing connected safety, wellness, and security solutions. Acting as a collaborative partner, we bring new innovations and solutions to our customers to help fuel their growth.

67% Increase in Patient Compliance

1.4 M+ Devices in the Market

4000+ Dealers

850+ Team Members

15M Signals Received Each Month

9 Seconds on Average to Answer Calls

8 North American Call Centers

5-Diamond Monitoring Service