Belle X Utilizes AI-based Engage Platform to Provide Fastest Response Times in the Industry

Becklar Workforce Safety has leveraged advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) in tandem with our industry leading Belle X mPERS device and our highly skilled, professional monitoring specialists to ensure the fastest emergency response times in the monitoring industry. Our average emergency response time for Belle X signals is 9.4 seconds. This is, in part, due to the use of our exclusive Becklar Engage Platform, an AI-powered, customer engagement platform that quickly identifies caller intent and ensures the fastest and most accurate response possible.

What is the Becklar Engage Platform

Becklar started development of the Engage Platform in 2018 as a premium interactive voice assistant service that utilizes natural language processing to hold conversations by asking questions and interpreting responses. Today our exclusive platform can determine intent for multiple scenarios including emergency, false alarms, device and system testing, and general questions to respond and process calls appropriately. It quickly verifies if a signal is a real emergency and if so, forwards the call to the top of the queue for a live operator to respond and dispatch emergency services immediately. This new technology has been able to close out 60% of signals without engaging a live operator. It frees up monitoring specialists to focus their efforts on handling real emergency situations.

Meet Belle X

Belle X is the most technologically advanced mPERS device on the market. It features 6 to 16 days of battery life depending on the operating mode. It is also certified on AT&T, Verizon and Canada’s Telus Network for comprehensive coverage across North America.

Belle X has an array of features to keep users safe while maintaining their independence. The small mPERS device only weighs 1.3 ounces and features fall detection, GPS and WiFi services, providing users and their caregivers peace of mind knowing they can receive prompt assistance wherever they are.

Belle X mPERS Becklar Personal Health and Safety

Implementing the Becklar Engage Platform in Belle X

The two primary goals for the Engage Platform are to 1) get users the fastest help possible in emergency situations and 2) reduce false alarms signals and false alarm dispatches. False alarms can be a detriment to end-users as they can fill up the queue and take up valuable operator time and attention on low-priority signals.


Implementing the Becklar Engage Platform into Belle X helped to achieve both goals. Since 2020 when the Engage platform was first used for incoming alarm signals, it has successfully closed out 60% of calls without the need for a live operator. This helps eliminate unnecessary low-priority signals clogging up the queue for live operators and allows them to focus on verified emergencies for the best possible outcome.


Belle X and the Becklar Engage Platform have several fail-safes in place to ensure, no matter the circumstances, that the user gets the help they need. For instance, if a user falls, becomes unconscious and is unable to speak, the platform will escalate the signal to an operator with an emergency alarm priority. Calls with too much background noise, silent calls, or calls that are disconnected before call intent is established are automatically identified as an emergency requiring immediate assistance to ensure all users receive the help they need.

There are also several testing measures in place for the Engage Platform itself to ensure that alarm signals are always properly routed and that the user receives help when the button is pressed or a fall is detected. These measures include both active and passive testing measures, as well as third-party testing to ensure that service remains uninterrupted for customers.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Connected Safety Solutions

Staying connected is critical in today’s society. It has never been easier to manage our safety.

Keeping Subscribers Safe with Becklar AI Technology

Since 2020, the Becklar Engagement platform has effectively handled over two million non-urgent signals without the assistance of a live operator. By combining instantaneous call answering ability, voice recognition AI, and machine learning, with the Belle X device that has the best coverage across the United States and Canada, guarantees users the most reliable, accurate, and technologically advanced mPERS protection in the industry.

For more information on Belle X and how your mPERS business can add this revolutionary device to your offering, contact a Becklar Personal Health and Safety specialist here.