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Becklar Enterprise Monitoring provides superior wholesale critical event monitoring and response, advanced interactive video and remote guarding services, cloud monitoring, and hybrid monitoring services through our award-winning companies, AvantGuard, Armstrongs, and Eyeforce. We utilize the most advanced monitoring technology in our state-of-the-art monitoring centers across North America. Becklar’s exclusive AI-based engagement platform, combined with our skilled, caring operators, ensures the fastest emergency response times in the industry for the best possible outcomes. 

When enterprises and dealers partner with Becklar for enterprise monitoring, they gain access to a wide range of benefits. Our support for critical event management devices, from security to personal emergency response systems (PERS), ensures comprehensive protection for your subscribers, employees, corporate customers, property, and other assets. Moreover, our partnership model allows you to build a recurring monthly revenue stream while prioritizing the safety of your customers’ lives and property.

Proven Experience Serving 1.75M+

We offer a completely integrated suite of connected safety solutions for enterprise and individuals that are customized to different use cases and industries, all supported by our platform of services.

For organizations and individuals at-risk from environmental, physical, and social dangers in hazardous work conditions