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Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions are the most comprehensive and customizable solutions in the market. We leverage our innovative applications, powerful devices, feature-rich dashboards, and award-winning monitoring to provide peace of mind to your teams while saving you money. Our solutions are created to protect people who work alone, at height, or in hazardous environments.

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Benefits of Becklar's Workforce Safety Solution for Management

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Safety Managers for organizations small or large, across industries, are learning how easy it is to get started with Becklar’s workforce safety tools to help manage safety protocols and protect their workers. Here are just a few of the many benefits and features you will appreciate:

Rest assured that all your employees are protected.

Easy-to-use tools to help you set up your company and employee data and manage safety protocols.

Easily configurable to meet the unique needs of your organization. 

Use our tools to automate your existing safety protocols.

Create a culture of safety and show your workers you care about their well-being.

Reduce the risk of costly lawsuits and insurance claims.

Meet and exceed industry safety regulations and standards.

By protecting your workers, you save on worker's compensation claims, lost workdays, and replacement workers.

Track and analyze data on safety incidents to make data-driven decisions for safety improvements.

Use our safety dashboard to require check-ins or send messages during an emergency.

Use our state-of-the-art monitoring centers to take emergency signals 24/7.

Integration with the industry-leading satellite stick from Bivy to ensure connectivity even when workers are outside WiFi coverage.

Benefits of Becklar's Workforce Safety Solution for Employees

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Employees who work alone, at height, in extreme heat, or in other hazardous environments appreciate the protection provided by Becklar’s workforce safety tools. Here are some of the benefits and features workers like you have come to enjoy:  

Work with confidence knowing your company has got your back in an emergency situation.

You can be located quickly and precisely during an emergency.

Easy to Use on your own smartphone, Apple Watch, or other dedicated devices.

Enables you to maintain your privacy while knowing you’re protected.

If a fall is detected or you lose consciousness, emergency contacts are automatically notified.

Set your own check-in and check-out times when entering a potentially dangerous environment.

Using our bluetooth safety button, you can discreetly trigger a silent alarm if help is needed.

Sound an audible alarm if you are in a dangerous situation to alert others around you. 

Receive alerts about dangerous temperatures to avoid heat-related illnesses.

Stay informed about potentially hazardous weather conditions.

Becklar devices


WorkerSafety Pro is a full-featured solution to protect employees when working alone, at height, or in dangerous environments. This app is equipped with custom capabilities including scheduled check-ins, fall detection, a panic button, and sophisticated dashboards to help keep your employees safe. With our partnership with EVS, we have the unique capability for indoor mapping for precise location services in the case of an emergency.


Our suite of devices provide personal safety solutions for those who can’t bring a cellphone to the job site. Certified on AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE networks, these devices can be integrated into any safety solution to fit your company’s safety needs.

Becklar devices
Becklar safety dashboard


All safety solutions include access to our feature-rich Safety Dashboard. This easy-to-use portal provides reports on app usage, device data, system status, central licensing and billing, real-time updates on the safety of your workers in the field, and more.


We provide the most reliable premier monitoring service featuring three central stations with immediate failover and state-of-the-art technology with exceptional speed, accuracy, and service.

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