Protect Customers and Their Assets to Provide Peace of Mind

We create industry-leading enterprise and individual connected safety solutions, powered by our expertise, scale, and innovation, to provide your customers’ subscribers, members, or patients with greater confidence and peace of mind. We help your organization deliver the solutions your audiences need to proactively live safer and healthier lives so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Solutions Enable You To:

Improve subscriber health, wellness, and safety

Enhance subscriber freedom and peace of mind

Reduce costs

Improve subscriber engagement, loyalty and retention

Collect data for insights

Improve health and engagement for users

Improve Subscriber Health, Wellness, and Safety

Offer differentiated services that can be inserted into your ecosystem easily and cost-effectively to immediately add value for your members and their families including:

  • Proactive care for better healthcare outcomes
  • Protecting individuals and their assets from harm
  • Our integrated end-to-end solutions including IoT devices and engagement platform, AI services and monitoring is easily customizable to meet your customers’ needs.

Enhance Subscriber Freedom and Peace of Mind

Improve your customers’ experience with advanced technology, caring people, and systems in place to respond when an incident occurs. Give them peace of mind knowing that help is on the way. With the connected safety solutions, you can provide:

  • Proactive care to reduce patient anxiety and deliver better healthcare outcomes
  • Real-time protection for individuals and their assets

The flexibility of our enterprise and individual connected safety solutions with open APIs fit easily into any environment to get you up and running quickly.

remote health monitoring and care
connected health and monitoring

Reduce Costs

Reducing costs and risk exposure with proactive care by:

  • The engagement platform helps increase compliance with care plans for better health outcomes
  • Actively monitors patient vital signs to identify issues before needing a trip to the ER – improving health and reducing costly insurance claims
  • Protecting your organization against excessive insurance claims
  • Improving prevention and security measures to decrease risk and lower cost of asset replacement

Improving Subscriber Engagement, Loyalty & Retention

Provide a connected engagement platform that:

  • Supports proactive care, safety and security
  • Delivers improved health outcomes through better compliance with care plan
  • Improved protection of assets
  • Encourages increased use to extend subscriber lifecycles


Wellness app with scoring capabilities drives:

  • Member engagement to encourage increased, more consistent use
  • Better health outcomes with wellness gamification
  • Longer-term subscriptions for increased revenue
  • Increased caregiver engagement
user engagement for health and safety
Collect data insights on worker safety

Collect Data for Insights

Our data services aggregate the event and response information collected from our users and analyzes it to provide insights and actionable outcomes for you and your customers.

Mine the data you collect internally to develop and understand patterns and deliver organizational growth strategies such as:

  • Personal safety assessments
  • Security risk assessments
  • Health risk assessments

Explore passing saving along to your customers or share the insights externally with them.

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