Becklar Personal Health Safety mPERS

Becklar’s Complete mPERS Solution

As a leader in innovation, Becklar spearheads care and freedom for all. Partner with us for the most comprehensive personal health and safety solutions.

Aging in Place Solutions for Seniors

Aging in Place Solutions

3 Trends in the ‘Aging in Place’ Movement – Becklar is helping seniors who are aging in place by helping them live fulfilling and satisfying lives.

Worker Safety App for Apple Watch with emergency check ins

Emergency Check-Ins for WorkerSafety Pro

Saving Lives with Emergency Check-ins How can you keep your employees safe if you are unable to contact them in an emergency? Emergency check-ins should be part of every corporate

connected wellness and patient engagement

Patient Engagement

Becklar’s patient engagement technology is revolutionizing personal health and wellness with integrated devices and AI-assisted applications.

Connected Workerforce Safety Solution

Intelligent Solutions for Protecting Your Workforce

Intelligent Solutions for Protecting Your Workforce Making a commitment to employee safety with real-time connected safety monitoring solutions. Protecting lone workers has been part of the safety performance landscape for

New features for WorkerSafety Pro App for Apple Watch

WorkerSafety Pro New Features

The latest feature release on the WorkerSafety Pro app can help managers keep their employees safe and assist with employees’ peace of mind.

Clinical Trial Platform to keep patients engaged

Healthcare & Engage – Clinical Trials

Improving Completion Rates for Clinical Trials Becklar Engage improves patient participation and data collection Clinical trials are the primary way health care researchers discover the efficacy and safety of a

Safety Solution of Chemical Workers and Chemical Truck Drivers

Keeping Workers Protected

Global Chemical Distribution Company Exceeds Workforce Safety Standards with Innovative Solution from Becklar With operations on five continents, management recognized their employee safety solution was lacking. Each year there are

safety solutions for window washers at height and from rigging systems

Window Washing Alone at Height

Window Washing Safety at Height Window cleaners have great job security because people love clean windows and glass needs to be cleaned regularly. Many of these windows are on a

Safety Service Fast Response time

The Sprint to Safety: The Golden Hour

The Sprint to Safety: The Golden Hour When it comes to responding to a safety emergency, timing is everything. When it comes to responding to a safety emergency, timing is

woman silhouette standing in field

Freedom and Peace of Mind

There are millions of people seeking ultimate peace of mind when it comes to their families, health, and property.


Superior Protection for Workers

Adapting to maintain a safe working environment A Fortune 100 energy company’suse of technology offers superiorprotection for their workers A Fortune 100 Energy company in the mid-west United States was