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There are millions of people seeking ultimate peace of mind when it comes to monitoring their families, health, and property. 

There are millions of people seeking ultimate peace of mind when it comes to monitoring their families, health, and property. Professional monitoring of mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS), medical devices, security and fire alarm systems and other IoT connected safety devices and apps can provide a real sense of freedom and wellbeing and help people live their lives to the fullest. Peace comes from knowing that their loved one is being monitored when caregivers can’t be there, that personal safety measures are in place as they commute to and from work and that their home is protected while away on vacation. Such peace of mind is priceless and highly empowering.

Personal Safety Monitoring

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are an estimated 7,000,000 people in the U.S. who are considered immunocompromised or 2.7% of the population. Additionally, 16.5% percent of the U.S. population is classified as senior citizens, age 65 and older. In both instances, many of these individuals are unable to live fully independent lives due to health restrictions. On top of these groups, we must also consider the increase in the need for general personal safety for broader communities. A violent crime occurs every 26 seconds in the United States, driving an increase in the need for panic buttons, and general personal safety apps to protect the general population.

Personal Health and Safety Monitoring for Peace of Mind

The first profile (immunocompromised) consists of people, age 15-45 who have medical conditions such as seizure, heart problems or other conditions that restrict independent living. People in this group often prefer to avoid assisted living programs because they can be restrictive and costly. For people in this category, a mobile personal connectivity hub can allow them to automatically pass
vital signs and data from their medical devices to their physicians for monitoring and to actively track their care from anywhere. These devices can also provide easy, direct 2-way communication, and bring a sense of safety knowing they will be able to get help if an emergency arises, wherever they are.

Independence is an important factor in senior’s overall happiness and wellbeing. In many cases however, this population needs additional safeguards in place in order to be confident living alone, and going about their daily lives. Our connected safety solutions for these individuals gives them the security and peace of mind knowing that help is available at the push of a button. Their loved ones can be confident that they will get the help they need, when they need it.

For parents with children that are going off to college, women out for a jog, or anyone that is walking alone, there are increasing concerns for personal safety. Advances in technology exists to discretely provide peace of mind – through intelligent apps that provide detailed location information to discrete devices that provide 2-way communication to monitoring centers.

It is empowering for everyone to know that help is just a button push away. This enables people to feel less alone or isolated and gives them confidence to go about their normal daily activities without fear or anxiety.

Crash Monitoring

There were approximately three million car accidents in the U.S. in 2020 alone. According to the CDC almost 2,400 teens were in fatal car accidents in 2019, and traffic fatalities overall increased by 7.2% in 2020 amongst all drivers even though there were actually fewer drivers on the road.

Crash Monitoring and Detection

Consider this — many of us spend a good chunk of our day in our cars. We commute to and from work, pick up the kids from school, and run all sorts of daily errands. Americans average about 1 hour per day behind the wheel. Today many are protected in their homes with professionally monitored alarm systems, but what about all that added time in the car?

Unfortunately, there are potential risks whenever anyone gets behind the wheel. There are ways that we can attain better peace of mind by employing technology in our vehicles to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our employees driving across the country. We can enable location tracking through GPS, action plans to get the efficient help, and caring operators to execute on
action plans and ensure that emergency services are dispatched immediately – even if drivers are unable to respond.

Property Protection Monitoring

According to the FBI there are over 1,000,000 residential break-ins every year. That’s an estimated one break-in every 26 seconds. Although those statistics might seem a bit grim, it is a fact that professionally monitored security systems deter home burglars up to 300% more than homes without a professionally monitored system. A physical security system linked to a professional monitoring center with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained monitoring specialists not only deters burglars but results in the fastest, most accurate emergency response when the need is real. The same holds true for commercial security systems monitoring.

Proffesional Monitoring for Emergency Response graphic

Partnering to Deliver Solutions for a Safer World

We live in challenging times where there is a need for better safety solutions across many facets of our personal and professional lives. Thankfully, there are discrete, powerful technology solutions that can help protect our families, health, and property.

Let Becklar help you deliver on the promise of a safer world with the right technology platform and services, IoT devices, and professional monitoring to help save lives, protect property, and inspire peace of mind.

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