Proactive vs. Reactive Safety Solutions

At Becklar, we understand that both proactive and reactive approaches are important components of a comprehensive safety solution. 

Becklar offers a comprehensive suite of proactive and reactive connected safety solutions for a variety of use cases including medical emergencies, personal safety, and for lone workers. 

Proactive and reactive safety solutions are used to manage and mitigate risks in various workplace environments—such as industrial settings, manufacturing, utility and field work, education or healthcare.

So what is the difference? Proactive safety solutions focus on preventing incidents or accidents before they occur, while reactive safety solutions are those that initiate a response after an incident has happened.

Although it might seem like a proactive approach is more important, reactive solutions are still a critical component of a complete connected safety solution. There is a time and place for both, and each is equally important in protecting your valued workers.

Becklar's Proactive Safety Solutions

Becklar provides the most comprehensive suite of proactive health and safety solutions to protect employees, customers, patients, subscribers, and assets. Becklar Workforce Safety offers solutions that help improve the safety of lone workers. It provides an easy way for organizations to protect individuals that work alone, at height, or in dangerous environments. It can work proactively to better protect workers by sending heat risk notifications and other potentially hazardous weather warnings. The Workforce Safety solutions are also able to identify a fall or lack of movement and proactively request help, as well as send an alert to request an update if a required or scheduled check-in is missed. 

Additionally, through video monitoring and remote guarding, customers can protect property by detecting and preventing potential theft or vandalism before it happens. Eyeforce, a Becklar company, specializes in remote guarding. The remote guard is present 24/7 to offer real-time surveillance and live talk down (not pre-recorded messages) to deter criminal activity. This solution helps improve safety, and also prevent costly losses.

Proactive safety is also a critical element of Becklar Personal Health and Safety solutions. Through an innovative platform and discrete mPERS devices, safety can be improved through proactive medical reminders, location alerts, activity monitoring, and making it easier to check in with your loved ones. As our loved ones age, there is worry about injuries and falls. Thus, with built-in fall detection, professional and family caregivers can feel at ease knowing the necessary precautions are in place.

Becklar's Reactive Safety Tools

Accidents and incidents will happen in spite of best efforts to prevent them, which is why reactive solutions are needed. Becklar’s critical event monitoring and response services are implemented with cutting-edge technology to guarantee the fastest response times and the best outcomes possible.

Some work environments can be very dangerous, whether employees are onsite or in remote locations. Therefore, having a way to access help in an emergency situation is critical to improving overall safety. With Becklar Workforce Safety solutions, workers can proactively request help by pushing a button on a device, an app on their phone, or through an automatic trigger initiated by a fall or missed check-in. These comprehensive solutions allow lone workers to quickly connect with the help they need in the event of an emergency.

This is all possible through the reliable, award-winning critical event monitoring and response services provided by Becklar Enterprise Monitoring companies, AvantGuard and Armstrong. These are leading providers of professional monitoring, with ULC listed, redundant central stations across North America, ready to monitor any event at any time with accuracy, speed, and exceptional service. Our monitoring centers will meet any call with reliability and compassion. 

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Improve Protection and Security with Becklar Safety Solutions

At Becklar, we understand that both proactive and reactive approaches are important components of a comprehensive safety solution. With that in mind, let us help you create a customized solution that is perfect for you.