Protecting Lives and Property During the Holidays with Becklar Safety Solutions

Becklar is committed to protecting the people and things you love. As you enjoy the holidays, remember to make safety a priority.

The holiday season is a joyous time for being with the people you love. At Becklar, our history is rooted in helping you care for your loved ones and property, during the holidays and all year long, through our personal health and safety solutions. 

Responding in Moments that Matter

Although there is much joy in the season, there can also be those experiencing other difficult emotions. A sense of loneliness often increases among seniors during the holidays as they were once surrounded by loved ones, but now find themselves alone. It can be a serious mental and physical health risk to anyone, but the health implications for seniors can be especially troublesome. According to the CDC, isolation is akin to the same negative health impacts as smoking and obesity. According to studies:

  • Social isolation leads to a 50% increased risk in dementia
  • Depression and anxiety also increase with isolation
  • Potentially fatal events such as heart disease and stroke are associated with those who experience long-standing bouts of isolation

A PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) or mobile PERS device can be a great place to start to combat loneliness and isolation. For senior citizens who find themselves worried about a potential accident, like a fall when they’re alone, an mPERS device can provide real peace of mind. It helps those who are still independent feel comfortable leaving their homes knowing they are protected. The Belle X device from Freeus, a Becklar Personal Health and Safety Company, is small, lightweight, and has anywhere between 6 to 16 days’ worth of battery life. Belle X is certified on AT&T, Verizon and TELUS 4G LTE networks for coverage in the US and Canada.

A mobile PERS device can help combat loneliness, isolation, and provide peace-of-mind.

Falling is a serious risk for aging adults, especially during cold weather months. In fact, on average, one in every four Americans 65 years of age and older fall per year according to the National Council of Aging. And the risk of falling increases dramatically when it is wet, cold and slippery outside.

The fear of falling also increases with age, and with seasonal changes. In fact, the fear of falling often leads to social isolation, depression and other physical and cognitive issues as discussed above. While an mPERS device doesn’t prevent falls, it can reduce the potential seriousness of an injury by providing a way for the elderly to get help immediately in the event of a fall. Knowing that help is readily available, either through a simple press of a button or through automatic fall detection, seniors can minimize their fear of falling, as well as the potential hazards of isolation during the holiday season and continue to live rich and full lives.

With an mPERS device like Belle X, an operator is just a button push away and always readily available to send for help. This can help them feel less isolated and give them the confidence to leave their homes and perform normal daily tasks as they once did.

Becklar Personal Health and Safety | Freeus Belle X PPE Series X

AI and Wellness

Becklar’s patented Engage Platform can answer inbound calls, which contributes to our premier monitoring partners, AvantGuard in the US and Armstrongs in Canada, achieving the fastest call answer times in the industry. Its powerful capabilities greatly enhance Becklar’s ‘wellness’ offering. Through our Engage Platform, we can make outbound calls to proactively check-in on patients or customers. These wellness checks can be customized to ask how they are feeling, if they remembered to take their medication, ask if they have eaten today, if they remembered to feed their pet, and a variety of other wellness questions suitable for the end-user’s personal health and safety needs.

These wellness checks empower customers to live independent lives, yet provide peace of mind knowing that someone is looking after their well-being through simple wellness checks or reminders.

Protecting Your Home and Business During the Holidays

There is an additional safety concern that should be addressed during the holidays. There are 2.5 million burglaries a year according to United States Department of Justice. And with extra emphasis on shopping and package deliveries during the holiday months, it’s no surprise that the holiday season sees an uptick in theft, both residentially and commercially. Becklar and our connected safety solutions prioritize protecting your property in addition to your well-being.

There are 2.5 million burglaries a year according to United States Department of Justice.

Our premier monitoring partner, AvantGuard, a Becklar Company, not only provides the fastest response times in the industry, as previously discussed, but also utilizes advanced, exclusive technologies to help customers stay informed and quickly respond to alarm signals. With AG Chat, the customer and their contact list are pulled into a secure chat line to verify if an alarm is valid or can be dismissed. AG has seen over a 30% decrease in false alarm dispatches with customers who use AG Chat. Similar technology is utilized by Armstrongs monitoring customers in Canada to enhance safety and eliminate false alarms.  

For commercial customers, EyeForce, A Becklar Company, turns each camera in a security system into an interactive remote guard. With AI and remote guarding specialists monitoring each camera, Eyeforce can prevent crime before it happens. When a potential criminal enters into a restricted area monitored by camera, an Eyeforce specialist can sound an alarm, or speak directly to the intruder, deterring them from further criminal activity. Eyeforce has saved over 10 million dollars in potential theft and damages through its advanced video intervention technology.

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Protect Your Property & Loved Ones This Season

Our mission at Becklar is to create and provide safety solutions for a safer world. We are committed to helping you keep the people and things you love safe and responding in the moments that matter. As you enjoy the holidays, remember to make safety a priority.

Happy holidays from all of us at Becklar.