The OSHA National Safety Stand Down is held to raise awareness of the fall hazards associated with construction work. All across North America, organizations will take time to talk honestly and openly about fall safety. If you’re a trainer or facilitator for a Stand Down event, read on to learn how you can make your Stand Down event even more informative and engaging.


Be prepared


To be effective as a trainer, you must understand the fall hazards associated with construction work. Make sure you review the OSHA site for the valuable information listed there. Consider your audience as well: who are they and what information about fall hazards and prevention are relevant for them? Don’t forget to have backup materials, phone numbers, and websites for those who ask for more information.


Know your time


Since your presentation is likely to be held at an active job site where things need to get done, make sure you’re mindful of your starting time and allotment. Use all of your time–don’t get cut short–and ensure that those in charge understand the information you’re sharing is important. Let them know that you value their work and time as well.


Get everyone involved


The best way to keep people interested is to get them engaged. Whether this means allotting time for a Q&A or a simple call and response, people will appreciate the opportunity to be part of the presentation. However, don’t get carried away–be aware of the limited time you have, and make sure that you stay on track with providing important information.


Make sure you have an audience


A Fall Prevention Stand Down event won’t be effective without people! To ensure the presence of your audience, work with onsite management in the days and weeks leading up to the scheduled Stand Down to advertise the event, and make sure they’ve also planned accordingly. You might pin a flyer on the company message board or take advantage of any online message boards or email groups. In any case, you will need to make sure you’ve done the necessary outreach prior to your arrival.


Be available afterwards


Since you’ll be reviewing a lot of information at the event, make sure you have time to stick around after to answer specific questions. Also, make sure that you are aligned with any safety programs already in place on the jobsite so that people know how to reach you.


Stand Down For Safety Special Offer


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