Becklar workers safety pro button

Safety Button

Discrete Emergency Signal

Our Safety Button pairs via bluetooth to the WorkerSafety Pro application. With its small form factor and year-long battery life, it is designed perfectly for sending a discreet emergency signal. When a user presses this button, a silent alarm is activated in the app immediately giving the user the protection they need without overtly escalating the situation. 

Series X Pro

For Lone Workers

Series X Pro is a small, easy to use mobile personal emergency response system. With the push of a button you can get help anytime during the workday. Series X Pro is certified on AT&T and Verizon 4G LTE networks. Series X Pro is available in white and black.

ACR Bivy Stick - Emergency SOS Device

Satellite Device

Distress Signals Via Satellite

Becklar has partnered with Bivy to integrate the smallest satellite messenger in the world into the Workforce Safety solution lineup. The Bivy device is able to send the same distress signal even when there is no cellular network reception. With the press of the dedicated SOS button, the Worker Safety Action Plan is triggered.


Location Accuracy​

A-GPS Acquisition Sensitivity

WiFi Location Assistance

Fall Detection

2-Way Calling

Long Lasting Battery

Sieres XPro charging

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