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Easy Administration

Manage your organization from the powerful online dashboard.

Managing your organization is easy with support for hierarchical organizations, emergency contacts per group and team, and efficient adding of new members.

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Prioritize Contacts

Prioritize who gets contacted first during an emergency. You can separate emergency contacts into “Supervisors” or “Responders.” Supervisor contacts will be notified first during an event. Supervisors can then decide to escalate emergencies to responders. Contact prioritization gives managers and supervisors more control over who receives alerts during an emergency.

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Emergency Check-ins

Determine the safety status of each person on your team in seconds. In a large scale emergency you are able to request immediate check-ins from your team members to asses the status of each person. You may request a check-in from individuals, teams, workers in a custom geofenced area, or your entire organization. Through the emergency check-in feature you can have real-time assurance that team members are safe.

Mass Communication via Dashboard

Stay in touch with your workforce without picking up your phone. Send text messages directly from the dashboard to the entire organization, to any team, or any individual.

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Want to learn more about enterprise and individual connected safety solutions in your industry?

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Organizational Control

Take control of your company’s emergency protocol structure. In the dashboard you can organize and group team members by shift, region, role, and other criteria you choose. Then you can assign administrators and add different emergency contacts to each group. This eliminates confusion during an emergency and keeps your team organized and safe.