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WorkerSafety Pro

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Whether it’s an environmental, health, or social risk, WorkerSafety Pro provides the most comprehensive and customizable solution for the iPhone and Apple Watch today.

Easy To Use

Individuals or a safety administrator can setup one or hundreds of accounts in just minutes. WorkerSafety Pro runs effortlessly in the background, sipping resources while remaining alert for emergencies.​

Multiple Safety Protocols

WorkerSafety Pro is our full featured product with scheduled check-ins, emergency check-ins, worker-down detection, fall detection, and a panic button for requesting immediate help.

Safety Alerts

Your organization or personal emergency contacts are notified after a countdown allowing you to control the alarm and notifications. With WorkerSafety Pro, you are in control.

15-Day Free Trial

Go ahead, try WorkerSafety Pro yourself or with your team for 10 full days. Test all of the features under actual conditions and begin to experience for yourself the benefits of reduced risk.

worker safety pro app



Send for Help Button

Use the built-in panic button to send for help to your emergency contacts anytime help is needed.


Siren Alarm

The smartphone speaker plays a siren alarm sound to help people locate you in an emergency.


Voice, Text, & Email Notifications

Looks for inactivity that may indicate someone has become unconscious. Easy to turn on and off.


Worker-Down Detection

Looks for inactivity that may indicate someone has become unconscious. Easy to turn on and off.


Automatic Call Backs

Emergency contacts are given an opportunity to automatically call you back in an emergency.


Scheduled Check-Ins

Provides alarm coverage with no Internet when a person schedules where they will be and miss a check-in.


Automatic Big Fall Detection

Big falls are from the 4th rung of a ladder or higher, or falls with a big impact.


Organization Dashboard

Enterprises use the online dashboard to manage access, monitor usage, and respond to emergencies.


Automatic small fall detection

Small falls can be detected from standing and sitting positions when there is lack of motion after a small fall.


Consolidated Billing

Organizations can have all employees and contractors protected and receive a single consolidated monthly bill for easy payment.


Emergency Check-Ins

Request a required check-in during a critical situation. Send by location or group/team.


Heat Risk Notifications

Receive alerts about dangerous temperatures in order to avoid heat-related illnesses.

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worker safety pro app

Mobile App

Safety Made Simple. Protect. Detect. Notify. 

With fast setup and easy use, powerful protection is now something organizations can offer all of their workers.

Apple Watch App

Apple Watch fall detection and more.

Wearable safety allows your workers to be protected with just a watch when they have an Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS + Cellular. Compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and newer.

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