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Premier Monitoring

Our premier monitoring solution is prepared to monitor any event, anytime, with speed, accuracy, and exceptional service. Our professional monitoring option provides a reliable support system for all of the Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions.

Our professional monitoring provides a reliable support system for your workers.

We’ve developed a streamlined process to monitor all of our Workforce Safety devices.

Our monitoring centers are active 24/7 to provide nonstop service to your workers

We have three fully redundant monitoring centers with automatic failover systems.

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Our People Make All The Difference

The difference between our monitoring solution and others is our highly trained, compassionate, and empathic operators. With years of experience, our operators provide peace of mind and comfort for your workers. In the event of a medical emergency or safety threat, employers and their workers need to know that their monitoring service will be there for them, no matter what.

24/7 Service To Your Workers

In a continued effort to provide superior 24/7 service to you, our operators are audited by our quality assurance team on a weekly basis to ensure quality of care. You deserve the best from your monitoring provider, and our monitoring solution provides years of dedication, our experience in training the best operators is second to none

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Reliable Technology You Can Trust

Leveraging three fully redundant monitoring centers, our monitoring services are always active and ready to provide best-in-class service. State-of-the-art automatic failover systems ensure that all phone lines and internet traffic can be rerouted to another central station if any issues are detected without interruption to your service. Even if a natural disaster were to take down a central station, the failover systems would automatically route all signals to another operational station and you would not experience any interruption in service. That’s technology you can trust.