8 Tips to Make Your Stand Down Stand Out

Safety stand down meetings are a simple,

yet effective way to cut down on workplace incidents.

Falls from elevation are a leading cause of death for construction workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, in 2020, there were 351 fatal falls on the job site. These workplace incidents are preventable, and the only acceptable number is zero. Taking the time to talk honestly and openly about fall safety is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your employees on the job site. One of the best tools a manager or safety supervisor can utilize is a safety stand-down meeting on the job site.  

What is a Safety Stand Down Meeting?

A safety stand-down meeting is a voluntary meeting where safety supervisors and managers take the time to talk directly to their employees about safety on the job site. Safety managers can speak directly to the specific hazards on the job site and discuss the proper safety procedures, equipment and how it is used to prevent workplace accidents.

The Best Ways to Prevent Falls on the Job Site

A safety stand down meeting is your team’s proverbial “safety toolbox” that they will use throughout the day. By discussing all the hazards on the job site and how to prevent workplace incidents through proper safety measures, you will be filling your team’s safety toolbox with the proper tools to help keep them safe and prevent workplace incidents from occurring. Here are 8 tips to help your stand-down meetings be as beneficial as possible for your team.  

1) Start Early

Beginning each day with the expectation of safety is a great way to make your stand down meetings are impactful and successful. If safety is the first thing on your employee’s mind, it will resonate with them throughout the day.

2) Delegate Who Leads Each Stand Down

If there are multiple job sites, make sure you have determined who will lead each safety stand down at the various sites. 

3) Decide on Time and Duration

Since your presentation is likely to be held at an active job site where things need to get done, make sure you are mindful of your starting time and allotment. Use all your time to ensure those in charge understand the information you are sharing is important. Let them know that you value their work and time as well.

4) Cover the Basics

Take the time to go over basic safety procedures and proper use of equipment. An effective way to do this is by creating a safety checklist. A daily checklist will help create a culture of safety and ensure that no key information is missed during the safety stand down.

5) 100% Participation

Everyone from safety supervisors to managers and workers should participate in the safety stand down. Only 100% participation will help to prevent a job site incident.

6) Get Employees Involved

The best way to keep people interested is to get them engaged. Whether this means allotting time for a Q&A or a simple call and response, or having your team share safety stories of their own, getting your employees engaged will only reinforce the topic of safety.

7) Review The Different Types of Fall Hazards

On a job site, there are several types of potential fall hazards including:  

  • Falling from a ladder 
  • Falling down the stairs 
  • Falling from a roof  
  • Falling through a floor or roof surface  

Go over these types of hazards and the ways to prevent these falls from happening with proper equipment usage, procedures for employees when they are in these situations, and what to do in the event of a fall.  

8) Be prepared

While safety stand downs are critical to help prevent workplace incidents, it is important to be prepared in the event of a fall. The WorkerSafety Pro App available on both iPhone and Apple Watch features fall detection technology that can get your worker immediate help in the event of a fall. Even if a worker is down due to something other than a fall, the worker-down detection feature can detect unconscious workers and notify safety supervisors to get the downed worker assistance. 

Our goal at Becklar Workforce Safety is to reduce workplace incidents and help protect employees and businesses and build a culture of safety. Safety stand-down meetings are a simple, yet effective way to cut down on workplace incidents. And being prepared with the WorkerSafety Pro app reinforces your company’s culture of safety by protecting your employees with the best safety app technology in the industry. 

Learn more about the WorkerSafety Pro app here.