Atlas Copco Creates a Company Culture of Safety with Becklar Solution

Retain your employees by showing them you care. Learn how one company used WorkerSafety Pro to keep employees safe and increase employee retention.

Working in isolated areas alone near powerful equipment can be a recipe for disaster. Yet, this is what millions of lone workers encounter on the job daily. According to a survey done by TrackPlus, 19% of lone workers said they struggled to get help after a workplace incident and almost half of respondents said they felt unsafe at work.

There are roughly 53 million lone workers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom combined. Within that group, the International Labor Organization estimates about 2.3 million workplace-related incidents happen every year.

The need for more advanced and better safety solutions is evident. Such solutions help prevent workplace incidents, make employees feel safer, and in the event of an accident, get workers immediate assistance that potentially saves lives.

One hazardous workplace-related incident prompted Atlas Copco, the second largest seller and service provider of industrial air compressors in the United States, to search for an advanced connected safety solution that would help their employees feel safe and get them the help they need in the event of an emergency.

The Need for Connected Safety Solutions for Lone Workers

The air compressors sold and serviced by Atlas Copco are generally installed in isolated areas in large mines and manufacturing plants. It’s common for a single technician to be sent to service a 750-horse- powered compressor alone in one of these potentially dangerous environments.

There are roughly 130 Atlas Copco technicians spread throughout the eastern United States that make service calls. Prior to their partnership with Becklar, when two-man teams were sent to service a compressor, the “buddy-system” was the safety plan. For solo service jobs, the technicians were asked to keep their cell phones on them during the service call for safety purposes. But often the areas where they were servicing air compressors didn’t have cellular service. Similarly, if a worker fell or became unconscious, there was no way to automatically summon help which could put a worker in danger. After a technician finished a job, when they arrived home, they would call their service manager to report that the job was completed. Their service calls can vary widely in duration, but it’s commonplace for a single job to last up to 10 hours. That’s 10 hours on a potentially hazardous job where no one would know the status or condition of that employee.

In 2018 a service technician was in an isolated boiler room working on an air compressor. The electrical panel exploded and nearly knocked him out. Worried he had a concussion, the technician reached for his phone but didn’t have a signal. Luckily, the technician was eventually able to gather himself and get out of the room safely and call his supervisor to explain what had happened. The technician expressed concern that had he been seriously hurt, no one would have known. That incident served as a wake-up call for Atlas Copco to seek a reliable safety solution to better protect their technicians.

Atlas Copco Implements Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions

After the incident, Atlas Copco implemented a safety committee of technicians. After extensive research, they decided to test Becklar’s Workforce Safety Solution, WorkerSafety Pro, a smartphone app combined with an Apple Watch. The app is efficient and can run in the background, sipping battery, while remaining alert for emergencies. Through the app, the employer can schedule regular check-ins or emergency check-ins. The app also provides other valuable features like worker fall detection and a panic button if workers need immediate help.

At first, the lone worker safety solution was met with skepticism by employees concerned that the device would be used to track their progress on the job rather than their safety. However, after a few weeks of working in the summer heat, the technicians began to recognize and appreciate the capabilities and safety features within the workforce safety solution.

Summertime can be an especially challenging time of year for technicians’ safety. Boiler rooms and tight isolated areas can be sweltering hot and can lead to dehydration and the risk of passing out. When scheduled check-ins are part of the safety protocol, lone workers are able to keep their supervisors informed of their status and well-being using the app. On one occasion, a technician failed to check in or respond to any of the safety prompts. As a result, the supervisor called the company Atlas Copco was servicing to send someone to check on the technician. The technician was fine, but he felt a sense of safety and compassion from his employer thanks to the WorkerSafety Pro app.

“He was impressed and felt appreciative that someone came and checked to see if he was safe,” said Rod Fisher, Service Manager at Atlas Copco.

Employee Retention and Wellness Through Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions

Today, Atlas Copco technicians have come to appreciate the implementation of Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro App. Not only are the employees enjoying the extra safety benefits, but Atlas Copco has seen an increase in retention since they began using the new Safety Solution in July 2020. The employees feel cared for, and the company is recognized as an organization that protects the well-being and safety of its people.

Technicians that have joined Atlas Copco have expressed how they felt like they went from working for companies that viewed them like a “machine” to one that cares for them as human beings. Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions and WorkerSafety Pro can be professionally monitored to ensure that workers are always protected 24/7. Becklar provides innovative, award-winning solutions that have resulted in the fastest answer times in the industry, supported by caring, highly trained operators. This helps to not only keep employees safe but also demonstrate the company’s genuine care for its people by making employee safety a priority. Empowered by WorkerSafety Pro, Atlas Corp has become a role model for the rest of the country by investing in their employees’ health, safety, and overall well-being.

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