Digital PPE: Connected Safety Solutions for Lone Workers

Becklar’s “Digital PPE” will streamline businesses’ safety procedures and improve efficiencies while promoting lone worker health safety.

The safety of lone workers is a concern in various industries and workplaces where individuals perform their tasks in isolation, without direct supervision or immediate access to assistance.

Worker safety comes in many forms, but PPE is the most common and standard solution. PPE, or personal protective equipment, refers to a wide range of specialized clothing and equipment designed to protect individuals from various health and safety hazards in the workplace or other environments and is a common operational expense in many industries.

Ensuring the well-being of workers is not only a legal and ethical obligation but also vital for maintaining productivity and employee morale. Although the need for a more connected lone worker safety solution is recognized—something beyond the usual PPE—many companies are unaware of the innovative, yet easy-to-deploy solutions that are now available to protect their lone workers anywhere.

Becklar: Protecting Workers Everywhere

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Why Standard PPE Is No Longer Enough

PPE is essential in preventing or minimizing the risk of injury, illness, or exposure to hazardous materials. Typical PPE provided to workers include:

  • Hard Hats: Designed to protect the head from falling objects, electrical shocks, and other head-related injuries.
  • Safety Glasses or Goggles: These protect the eyes from debris, chemicals, or any substances that could cause eye damage.
  • Earplugs or Earmuffs: Used to protect the ears from loud noises or hearing damage.
  • Gloves: Protect the hands from cuts, abrasions, chemical exposure, or biological hazards.
  • Safety Footwear: Boots or shoes with reinforced toes and soles to protect the feet from falling objects, electrical hazards, or sharp objects.

Even though these products intend to protect workers and ensure safety, it’s not enough anymore, and would not protect workers from a variety of situations, in particular when they are working remotely or away from others on a job site.

In today’s environment, many lone workers often find themselves in places with limited emergency response or perform jobs that require non-standard working hours. Therefore, preparation and the right safety equipment are essential.

Lone workers need a way to communicate in the case of an emergency or injury. Wearing a hard hat isn’t going to help get help for a utility worker who falls from a ladder, nor will it help a social worker who is entering a dangerous neighborhood at night. Fortunately, Becklar offers comprehensive “digital PPE” lone worker safety solutions tailored to any industry.

Workforce Safety: Becklar's "Digital PPE" Solution

Becklar’s Workforce Safety Solutions is digital PPE, and offers the most comprehensive and customizable solution in the market.

By leveraging innovative applications, powerful devices, feature-rich dashboards, and award-winning monitoring, Becklar can provide peace of mind to any business while being cost-effective. Because Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions are composed of flexible components, they create an unparalleled system to protect lone workers.

Workforce Safety offers a way to bridge the communication gap between lone workers and their workplace. However, it is also revolutionizing lone worker safety and protection.

What Does Becklar Workforce Safety Offer?

As Digital PPE, Becklar Workforce Safety offers components and capabilities to improve the safety of lone workers and minimize risk. 

  • The WorkerSafety Pro Application

The flagship offering in Becklar’s Digital PPE portfolio is the WorkerSafety Pro Application.

This app offers a comprehensive solution for protecting lone workers who work alone, at height, or in dangerous environments. The WorkerSafety Pro App is efficiently designed for individuals and teams of all sizes. It also supports a safer and more productive workplace while simultaneously enhancing existing safety protocols and best practices.

Additionally, the app has many innovative features. For example, there is a built-in panic button that will alert emergency contacts at work anytime help is needed. Another feature is the automatic big fall detection system. Big falls are determined from the 4th rung of a ladder or higher or falls with a big impact.

These key safety features provide a much better protection option than traditional PPE. The WorkerSafety App gives lone workers a greater sense of security because of the necessary communication and available emergency resources.

  • The Safety Dashboard

All of Becklar’s safety solutions offer the Safety Dashboard.

In the Safety Dashboard, businesses can stay connected, organize, request check-ins, and monitor their lone workers. The check-in feature is truly a standout because it offers much more comprehensive security.

In seconds, safety managers can determine every team member’s status in an emergency. Additionally, they can request manual and immediate check-ins anytime. This “digital PPE” ensures the entire lone-worker team is safe in real-time.

emergency responder dashboard
  • “Digital PPE” Safety Devices

Becklar also offers other, more discrete “digital PPE” devices for lone workers.

The discreet Safety Button allows easy access to assistance without needing to open an app. When a user presses the button, a silent alarm is activated immediately, giving the user the protection they need without overtly escalating a potentially dangerous situation.

In addition, Becklar has developed integration with the Bivy Satellite stick. This small device can send a distress signal without requiring cellular network reception. With the press of the dedicated SOS button, the Worker Safety Action Plan is triggered. This ensures that the correct action plans are followed, and the incident is recorded as part of the overall company safety protocols.

  • Monitoring

Becklar takes “digital PPE” lone worker safety to the next level with premier monitoring services 24/7.

Becklar’s premier monitoring option is ready to monitor any event at any time—with extreme accuracy and speed. This professional monitoring solution provides a reliable support system for Becklar’s Workforce Safety Solutions.

In the event of an emergency, lone workers can receive the direct help they need. Becklar’s call centers operate 24/7 to provide nonstop service. With streamlined communication and service, lone workers can be protected whenever, wherever.

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Digital PPE for Reduced Corporate Risk

Common sense seems to dictate that wearing PPE while working in dangerous environments would be mandatory.  A company would not allow a construction worker on a job site without a hardhat, and you would not use blow torch without wearing safety goggles. Why then is it not mandatory to provide lone workers with tools to get help when they need it if they suffer a medical condition, suffer a fall, or summon help if they are in a dangerous environment?

Becklar offers companies the ability to protect the safety of their employees, while also protecting their bottom line. The cost of an average workplace incident is over $250,000 when you consider the injury, lost productivity, additional supervision and overtime costs. The cost of death at the workplace is over $1.3 million. Responding to incidents quickly can help reduce risk by getting employees the help they need quickly, and in some cases avoiding injury or incident completely.

The cost of death at the workplace is over $1.3 million.

Better Protection and Streamlined Communication With Becklar’s Digital PPE

Prioritizing the safety of lone workers should be at the heart of all business operations—and Becklar makes this easier for companies to manage and implement.

Along with the use of standard PPE, investing in Becklar’s Workforce Safety Solutions provides superior protection for lone workers. Businesses choosing Becklar’s “Digital PPE” will streamline their safety procedures and improve efficiencies while promoting lone worker health and safety.