How Digital PPE Can Protect Workers Anywhere

Stay connected with your workers with Becklar’s Digital PPE solutions. We’re ready to provide you with the best possible protection.

Are you looking for connected safety solutions to better protect the safety of your workers? Even those who work in remote locations? Becklar is a leading provider of innovative solutions to make the lives of employers and their employees safer, no matter where they work.

Becklar Specializes in Digital PPE

At Becklar, when we talk about “Digital PPE,” we are referring to a complete, yet flexible solution – consisting of our innovative mobile app, discreet devices, 24/7 monitoring services, and safety platform to make it easier than ever to manage employee safety. Workers are used to wearing their PPE- hard hats, safety vests, and gloves. Digital PPE provides an additional layer to personal protective equipment that helps keep them safe.

The WorkerSafety Pro Application

The Becklar WorkerSafety Pro App is the most comprehensive, customizable app that works on Android, iOs, and Apple Watch.

The app is simple and easy-to-use, perfect for every lone worker. There are many integrated safety features; WorkerSafety Pro has scheduled check-ins, emergency check-ins, worker-down detection, fall detection, heat stress notifications and a panic button for requesting immediate help.

It’s designed for everyone—individuals and teams of any size. The app helps support a safer and more productive workplace, while enhancing your company’s existing safety protocols and best practices. You can feel secure knowing our app is trusted by highly skilled safety professionals in a variety of industries, including energy, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, medical, and service trades.

Becklar Safety Devices

Becklar Personal Health and Safety | Freeus Belle X PPE Series X

Understanding that one-size does not fit all, the Becklar Workforce Safety solutions include a suite of safety devices that seamlessly integrate with the Workforce Safety platform.

The Series X  is a compact, discreet mobile personal emergency response system. With the push of a button, users can get help anytime during the workday and receive a  response directly through the device with crystal clear two-way communication. Additionally, the Series X is certified on AT&T, Verizon and TELUS networks to offer unparalleled coverage across North America. Some industry leading features in this device include the ability to track location and movement, handle any working environment, and fall detection when worn as a pendant.

Becklar also provides a Safety Button that works with the WorkerSafety Pro app. Our discreet Safety Button allows easy access to assistance without needing to open an app. For example, when a user presses the button, a silent alarm is activated immediately, giving the user the protection they need without overtly escalating a potentially dangerous situation.

For workers in remote locations, cellular and Wi-Fi coverage is often unreliable or unavailable. These workers are at significant safety risk, even in less hazardous situations. Becklar has solved the issue by integrating a satellite device into the Workforce Safety platform. Our seamless satellite integration keeps you connected to remote workers. Any organization that uses Becklar’s safety solutions can add a Bivy Stick to their subscription, giving remote workers the same protection no matter where they are.

Becklar Award-winning Monitoring Services

There is a difference between Becklar’s 24/7 critical event monitoring and response services and other monitoring providers.

Our enterprise monitoring solution has highly trained, compassionate, and empathic operators ready to help in any emergency. With years of training and experience, our operators provide peace of mind and comfort in every call. In the event of a medical emergency or safety threat, employers and their workers need to know that their monitoring service will be there for them, no matter what. If you need to supplement your in-house security and response teams, you can easily add these pre-integrated services to augment the safety of your lone workers.

We are here for your lone workers, 24/7, with redundant call centers located across the United States and Canada. This is a reliable technology that you can trust.

Becklar Safety Platform

Geofence WorkerSafety Pro emergency Check In

In our safety dashboard you can monitor the safety of your workforce at the click of a button. The dashboard displays the safety status of all the workers at a glance allowing for peace of mind for the safety managers. We’ve also made it easy to manage your organization within our comprehensive dashboard. Safety managers can take control of your company’s emergency protocol structure by organizing and grouping team members by shift, region, role, and other criteria you choose. All that, and much more is available to the safety dashboard administrators.

Where Digital PPE can Protect Workers

Recent studies show that nearly half of North American lone workers feel unsafe at work. Why? Because they lack the proper safety tools. Becklar Workforce Safety provides a full range of Digital PPE solutions—discrete devices, easy-to-use apps, and 24/7 monitoring centers.

With our monitoring centers available at any time, it doesn’t matter where your workers are. Our advanced technology can be used anywhere—regardless if your workers are onsite or remote. You can feel at ease knowing that no matter where you are, help is available to you; it really is just a click away.

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