Global Chemical Distribution Company Exceeds Workforce Safety Standards with Innovative Solution from Becklar

With operations on five continents, management recognized their employee safety solution was lacking.

Each year there are approximately 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses globally according to the International Labour Organization (ILO). They also acknowledge there is a gross underreporting of occupational accidents and illnesses, giving a false picture of the scope of the problem.

A global chemical distribution company with operations on five continents recognized their employee safety solution was lacking. They recognized the need for a comprehensive workforce safety solution that would be universally adopted and consistently used by their workers and that would also provide tools for supervisors to better protect their employees.

Keeping Workers Protected

As a chemical distribution leader, their drivers deliver chemicals around the clock for multiple industries including water, power, and dairy. These chemicals are stored on-site at company facilities where drivers load them into trucks and transport the chemicals to their respective destinations.

Each driver must complete a rigorous six-to-eight-week training program to learn how to properly handle the chemicals they transport. The training requires going on deliveries with senior personnel, learning about each chemical, as well as wearing chemical splash suits while handling the chemicals.

As part of their driver’s safety protocol, each driver was required to wear a connected safety device around their neck so management could contact drivers immediately in case of an emergency. However, many drivers expressed frustrations to management about having to wear the pendants around their necks and often did not comply. The company sought a solution that their drivers would use faithfully and happily.

Finding a Safety Solution that Works

Eliminating any device that goes around the neck narrowed options for a connected safety solution. After discovering the Becklar WorkerSafety Pro App that works as both a smartphone app and on the Apple Watch, the company supplied a few of their drivers with Apple Watches as a test. They quickly found that the drivers preferred to wear the Apple Watch equipped with the WorkerSafety Pro App over the pendants. Drivers would now have direct access to their safety supervisor on the other end of the device via the app, and supervisors would be notified if a driver missed a check-in, being alerted immediately if an incident occurred.

The Becklar WorkerSafety Pro app gives employees added peace of mind knowing their supervisor knows exactly where they are if there is an accident or emergency. The WorkerSafety Pro Dashboard is fully customizable so that each company can implement its own check-in system and emergency protocol.

For this global chemical distributor, while their drivers genuinely appreciated the convenience and peace of mind provided by the Becklar WorkerSafety Pro App and the Apple Watch, management realized benefits from using the Becklar WorkerSafety Pro Dashboard. Through the dashboard, supervisors could request safety check-ins from their drivers to verify their safety. They were also able to respond quickly to incidents.

Providing a Safer Future with Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions

While 92% of workplaces view harnessing technology and data as vital to improving the safety and performance of their employees, many of these organizations hesitate to make the investment to implement practical solutions. Pleased with the results and employee reaction to the Becklar WorkerSafety Pro and Apple Watch trial, this global chemical distribution company is now working on expanding its use of Becklar’s comprehensive Workforce Safety solution throughout its worldwide organization.