Top 3 Lone Worker Safety Trends Discussed during the National Safety Council Conference 2023

The National Safety Council (NSC) Conference this year led great conversations about how to better protect workers everywhere. Incredible innovations were showcased with solutions to protect workers at height, in hazardous environments, and lone workers. As one of the leading innovators in safety technology, Becklar was featured in this year’s tech pavilion. This gave us the unique opportunity to speak with safety professionals across a variety of industries to discover what was most important to them leading into 2024. Here are the top three trends we identified.

1. Safety Managers are Looking for Digital PPE

Implementing a Digital PPE solution is becoming a top priority for safety managers.  In fact, 94% of the attendees we spoke to are responsible for the safety protocols in their company, and they were immediately intrigued with our comprehensive solutions. Becklar’s Workforce Safety solutions go far beyond traditional PPE. We provide comprehensive, modern digital PPE solutions that help safety managers enhance the safety and well-being of their workers, improve employee retention, increase regulatory compliance, reduce corporate risk, and easily implement a customizable solution to fit their organization’s unique needs. Most importantly, we provide management with peace of mind.

85% of safety managers see value in implementing digital PPE.

Simultaneously, Becklar’s digital PPE solutions provide employees who work alone or in potentially hazardous conditions with the tools they need to do their jobs with confidence, knowing that management has got their backs with the most innovative tools and processes to ensure their safety.  

A phrase we heard from safety managers over and over at NSC was, “We are looking for something just like this.” Of those attendees, 85% of them saw value in implementing our Digital PPE with their workers.

2. Interest in Lone Worker Monitoring Technology is Increasing

Of the safety professionals we surveyed, 75% of them were looking for an app to protect their workers. This trend is also highlighted in the National Safety Council’s recent white paper “Using Lone Worker Monitoring Technology to Protect Workers.” This white paper outlined the benefits of implementing Digital PPE to “provide real-time safety alerts, decrease emergency response times and improve the overall safety culture.”  Based on the findings in this white paper and the general interest from safety professionals at the conference, Digital PPE is becoming a vital part of workplace safety by monitoring the well-being of their workers.

3. Digital PPE is not just for Lone Workers

With 42% of the safety professionals surveyed working in the manufacturing industry, the most common safety concern was injury from machinery or other equipment. Even though these workers are rarely alone, our technology is able to decrease response time thanks to our location services paired with indoor mapping integrations. It is inevitable that there will be an accident at work, and the response time to accidents is what determines if a minor accident becomes a major one. That is why across all industries, 85% of safety professionals saw the value in our Digital PPE for their organization. Those who did not were organizations that required an intrinsically safe device.

Attendeeds at NSC made it very clear that technology is becoming an integral part of safety equipment – that asfety professionals from all over the world are looking for new, innovative ways to protect their workers at height, in hazardous environments, and their lone workers. We were proud to offer a solution that met the requirements safety managers were seeking.

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