Stay Connected With Your Field Workers in Remote Areas with WorkerSafety Pro and Bivy

The WorkerSafety Pro app with the Bivy Stick integration protects even those without cellphone service who are working outside remotely.

The term “lone workers” is a wide net that covers a variety of jobs. Social workers, for example, are also considered lone workers. But the most common description of an employee deemed a “lone worker” is a field worker who works in remote areas away from any type of supervision. These lone workers are especially susceptible to the reality of workplace accidents and are often without cellphone service. Although field worker’s jobs come with inherent risk, they don’t have to be without protection. Becklar Workforce Safety has a safety solution specifically for field workers who work in remote areas without cellphone coverage, so they are never truly alone.

Key Issues for Field Workers

Weather is a major factor in the safety of field workers. One of the newest recognized threats is heat stress. In the summer of 2023, President Biden publicly recognized the dangers of heat stress, noting that there are more than 600 annual fatalities due to heat related illness on the job. There are several factors that contribute to heat related illness including new employees not being acclimated to heat and employees not having ample water and breaks in the shade.

As the weather turns cold and wet, the potential for slipping and personal injury also increases. According to OSHA, there is an average of 700 slip and fall injuries annually.

Some field worker occupations have more inherent risk than others. Employees in the gas and oil industries are five times more susceptible to injury than other field workers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And if your field working occupation includes working with heavy machinery in remote areas, like drillers or farmwork, the risk rate of injury climbs even higher.

All the above are safety risks for field workers. Add in the inability to get a hold of anyone working in a remote area without cellphone service, and we’re talking about real hazardous safety risks that can be avoided with Becklar Connected Safety Solutions.

Becklar Workforce Safety with Bivy Integration

For field workers, Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro with the Bivy Stick provides the ability to call for help, even when there isn’t any cell phone service.

With the Bivy Stick, when a field worker is located outside in a remote area without cellphone service, emergency signals will still be received via satellite connection, ensuring that field workers are connected during an emergency. It can work anywhere in the world as long as the user has a clear line of sight to the sky. The Bivy Stick features a dedicated SOS button to trigger pre-determined action plans according to your company’s safety protocol.

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The Bivy Stick device is built to withstand the elements. It is 100% waterproof, durable and incredibly lightweight, so workers won’t be bogged down by an additional piece of equipment. It also lasts up to 120 hours (about 5 days) on a single charge, ensuring that a remote field worker stays protected even during long projects in a remote area.

The Bivy Stick’s integration with Becklar’s Worker Safety Pro records all incidents into a centralized safety portal. This is what makes our combined offering the most advanced solution to protect remote workers on the market today. The integration of Bivy alerts into the Becklar Workforce Safety dashboard helps ensure that company safety protocols and processes are followed for any safety event. This helps safety managers not only have easily accessible records of incidents, but can also help them plan for better safety protocols in specific remote areas, especially in areas that are more prone to


We believe no worker should be without the tools and technology to get them immediate help when needed. The WorkerSafety Pro app with the Bivy Stick integration protects even those without cellphone service who are working outside remotely. Just because you work in a remote location shouldn’t mean you work without protection. Becklar Workforce Safety protects employees everywhere. And we really mean everywhere.

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