The Future of Safety Solutions for Lone Workers:

Innovative Tools for Enhanced Protection of Lone Workers

Are you worried about the safety of your lone workers? As the world advances with technology, the future of safety solutions for lone workers is becoming increasingly promising. With connected devices, artificial intelligence, and powerful apps businesses can access new and innovative solutions that can help keep their employees safe, no matter the environment they work in.

The adoption of IoT technologies, such as smart sensors, wearables, and connected devices, has revolutionized how businesses approach safety for their lone workers. These technologies can gather real-time data and insights into employees’ safety, allowing them to respond quickly to potential hazards and incidents.

Stay Safe On The Go With Becklar's Lone Workers Safety Apps

Mobile safety apps have become essential for keeping lone workers safe in the field. These apps provide real-time safety alerts, emergency response options, and other safety features to protect lone workers from harm.

Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app is specifically designed to meet the needs of lone workers and safety managers. It provides a range of safety features, including:

  1. Check-in functionality: Lone workers can use the app to check-in regularly, letting their employer know they are safe. It can also be used to notify employers automatically if a scheduled check-in is missed.
  2. Emergency response options: In an emergency, lone workers can use the app to request assistance from their employer or emergency services. A loud siren can also be emitted if employee does not respond to safety check-ins.
  3. Fall Detection: Employees can get help automatically if a fall is detected and they do not respond to calls to confirm their safety.
  4. Location Services: Integration with satellite communicator devices ensures that employees are safe even when they are outside WiFi coverage areas. Geospacial and 3D mapping technology can be integrated to help pinpoint employee location in an emergency whether in a multi-level manufacturing plant or outdoors.
  5. Silent Alarm: Advanced capabilities to silently alert contacts, safety managers or emergency services if help is needed in a dangerous situation.
  6. Safety Dashboard: Employers can use Becklar’s Workforce Safety dashboard to monitor the safety of their lone workers in real-time and send mass notifications ensuring they are always protected.
  7. Control where and how it is used: Becklar’s safety apps can enable and disable protection automatically depending on location or be managed by the employee. When a worker enters a work zone, fall detect and safety check-ins can be started automatically and stopped when they go home for the day.
  8. Privacy first: At Becklar, employee privacy is paramount. Data is only shared with employers in the event of an emergency or if help is requested.
worker safety pro app help alert countdown

By using Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app, lone workers can work confidently, knowing they have access to the tools they need to stay safe. Additionally, employers can be assured that they meet their duty of care obligations by providing their employees with the necessary safety resources.

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Enhancing Lone Worker Safety with Becklar's Innovative Devices and Enterprise Monitoring

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Lone workers are particularly vulnerable when it comes to workplace safety. Fortunately, numerous safety solutions are available to protect them, including the apps and devices offered by Becklar. Becklar offers a range of lone worker safety devices, in addition to our powerful apps, that use GPS, cellular networks, and other technologies to monitor workers’ locations in the event of an emergency and alert emergency services in the event of an incident.

These devices are designed to enhance lone workers’ safety in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities and can be used with the WorkerSafety Pro App. For example, healthcare professionals who work alone can use Becklar’s Safety Button or other devices that are connected to our WorkerSafety Pro app to silently alert contacts, safety managers or emergency services if needed. In contrast, transportation workers can use devices to monitor their location, provide crash detection and ensure their safety during their journeys.


Becklar’s Workforce Safety solutions can leverage our award-winning enterprise monitoring capabilities designed to help businesses monitor the safety and well-being of their lone workers in real-time. Our award-winning monitoring technology leverages AI to streamline calls and provide the fastest response times in the industry. Becklar has 40 years of experience in protecting the lives and property of over 1.7 million subscribers, servicing 28 million calls across the United States and Canada, and has applied these technologies, services, and expertise to protect lone workers everywhere.

Becklar’s safety devices and solutions provide a critical layer of protection for lone workers, enabling them to work more safely and with greater peace of mind. In addition, by using this technology, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the safety and well-being of their lone workers while complying with regulatory requirements.

Lone Workers Safety Monitoring with Becklar's Safety Dashboard

becklar's admin dashboard

In addition to real-time monitoring and devices, Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app provides businesses with a comprehensive, centralized safety dashboard. Becklar’s Safety Dashboard offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to monitor the safety of their lone workers. With real-time data and analytics, this dashboard provides businesses with the insights they need to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, even when they work alone.

The Safety Dashboard is specifically designed to help businesses monitor and manage the safety of their lone workers simply and efficiently. The user-friendly interface allows businesses easy access to important data, such as location monitoring, environmental conditions, and worker behavior, allowing them to respond quickly to potential safety incidents.

This provides employees peace of mind knowing that in an emergency, their managers can determine their safety status in seconds. In a large-scale emergency, immediate check-in requests can be sent to team members to assess the status of each person. Status checks can be requested from individuals, teams, workers in a custom geofenced area, or your entire organization. This provides peace of mind for safety managers, as employee safety can be centrally managed, ensuring a superior level of protection for workers and real-time assurance that team members are safe.

With Becklar’s Safety Dashboard, businesses can clearly understand the safety of their lone workers, allowing them to take proactive steps to ensure their well-being. It provides an efficient solution for businesses looking to enhance the safety of their lone workers while also improving productivity and reducing risk.

A Bright Future for Lone Workers Safety with Becklar

At Becklar, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your lone workers. Therefore, we offer innovative and customizable solutions catering to your business’s needs. From wearables to apps, our solutions are designed to keep your employees safe and provide peace of mind.

The future of safety solutions for lone workers is bright, and businesses have access to new and innovative tools to help keep their employees safe. With innovative wearable devices and apps businesses can ensure the well-being of their lone workers, no matter where they work.

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