Series X: The Latest Innovation in Becklar’s Digital PPE Portfolio

The new Series X device continues to seek innovative ways to better protect workers in all industries.

Safety devices play a crucial role in the lone worker safety ecosystem.

Protecting lone workers has long been part of the safety performance landscape. However, the focus has gradually shifted towards empowering the workforce with proactive and reactive safety solutions. This includes proactive strategies to promote incident prevention and create a culture of accountability.

And while the concept of workforce safety for lone workers or connected safety for the workplace is not new, Becklar—through the new Series X device—continues to seek innovative ways to better protect workers in all industries.

Becklar's Workforce Safety Solutions

If you look at the safety industry, many different types of safety devices exist.

For example, some workplace safety solutions have devices with a button that, when pushed, sends an alert or makes a call. On the other hand, some solutions offer an app that can call, notify, or connect to someone if you need help. While these individual features are great, they’re not enough alone. Becklar’s solution is different beause they offer a complete, flexible portfolio that includes a range of devices, apps, dashboards, and integrated monitoring.

With a complete portfolio of safety solutions, like the new Series X device, Becklar offers a comprehensive way to better protect your workers. The Safety Dashboard gives employers more control over the safety of their employees, making it easier to ensure their well-being. On the other hand, the WorkerSafety Pro app and safety devices allow workers to have protection anywhere.

Becklar’s safety solution is Digital PPE—a way for workers to protect themselves wherever they are. Long gone are the days of relying on safety devices that only protect the physical well-being of employees. Even though devices like safety goggles, helmets, gloves, and safety harnesses can mitigate risks in various work environments, they are not complete without Digital PPE.

Safety Devices & Series X

The Becklar WorkerSafety Pro App is the most comprehensive, customizable app that works on Android, iOs, and Apple Watch.

The app is simple and easy-to-use, perfect for every lone worker. There are many integrated safety features; WorkerSafety Pro has scheduled check-ins, emergency check-ins, worker-down detection, fall detection, heat stress notifications and a panic button for requesting immediate help.

Becklar Personal Health and Safety | Freeus Belle X PPE Series X

It’s designed for everyone—individuals and teams of any size. The app helps support a safer and more productive workplace, while enhancing your company’s existing safety protocols and best practices. You can feel secure knowing our app is trusted by highly skilled safety professionals in a variety of industries, including energy, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, medical, and service trades.

Bivy Becklar Workfroce Safety

Other Safety Devices

The Bivy Satellite Device is the smallest satellite messenger in the world. Although extremely compact, this safety device is able to send a distress signal even when there is no cellular network reception. Workers can have peace of knowing they can get help even in the most remote locations.

The Safety Dashboard

The Safety Dashboard makes management easier. It allows managers of all organization sizes to better manage safety protocols and protect their workers.

Becklar’s Dashboard allows managers to control their company’s emergency protocol structure. Within the Dashboard, managers or supervisors can organize and group team members by shift, region, and role. Doing this can eliminate any potential confusion during an emergency and help keep a team organized and safe.

Geofence WorkerSafety Pro emergency Check In

Additionally, through the Safety Dashboard, managers can request emergency check-ins from their workers. This allows managers to determine the safety status of each person on your team in seconds. This offers peace of mind—especially if there are team members who work in remote locations.

becklar worker safety pro app

Becklar's WorkerSafety Pro App

WorkerSafety Pro provides the most comprehensive and customizable solution for phones.

Designed for all individuals and teams, this app is very easy to use and integrate into existing workplaces. This is because WorkerSafety Pro enhances businesses’ existing safety protocols and best practices. This app also works seamlessly with existing safety devices and the Safety Dashboard.

There is a clear need for connected safety solutions in the workplace. This is captured in the yearly number of occupational injuries, deaths, and illnesses. By integrating the WorkerSafety Pro app, workplaces can greatly decrease this number. Businesses can better protect employees and offer them peace of mind while working.

The WorkerSafety Pro app features include fall detection (big or small), heat risk notifications, scheduled check-ins, and a built-in panic button for emergencies. Workers can use all of these safety protocols anytime, anywhere.

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A Comprehensive Workforce Safety Solution

Deciding to invest in workplace safety promotes the well-being and health of employees.

Becklar’s comprehensive suite of workforce safety solutions makes it easier than ever to adopt a culture of safety in the workplace. With devices, apps, and dashboards, managers and employees alike can have peace of mind knowing emergency services are only a click away.

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