Adapting to maintain
a safe working environment

A Fortune 100 energy company’s
use of technology offers superior
protection for their workers

A Fortune 100 Energy company in the mid-west United States was operating an energy plant that converts
energy into bulk electrical power. One of the first new gas-fired facilities sited within a major city, it was hailed as
one of the cleanest, most modern, and most efficient power plants in the United States.

In May 2019, the company determined that the plant would need to be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
This change to 24 x 7 staffed operation would require personnel to be alone on site for extended shifts.
The team began to review several “person-down” systems on the market to monitor individuals working alone
who would not have the added safety layer of working alongside someone else. During this search, they
discovered the WorkerSafety Pro app. Employees tested the app in all locations of the plant and found it worked
well and provided consistent coverage.

Some features of the WorkerSafety Pro app led to their decision that include:

• Automatically notifies emergency contacts based on set safety protocols.
• Safety dashboard enables centralized monitoring, provisioning, and response.
• Advanced detection proactively prevents false alarms.
• Daily start-up messages remind users to start monitoring.
• Maintains a safe and productive workplace as business needs change.

How does the WorkerSafety Pro App keep people working alone safe?

When a person comes on shift and is working alone at the plant, he
or she opens the app and sets it for one-hour check ins (adjustable
from three minutes to eight hours) as well as the more sensitive fall
protection mode.

If the individual does not reset the timer, the app automatically
calls the control room and sends an email to a distribution list of
those on shift. The control operator would stay on the line and
automatically be connected to the phone the alert came from. If
the person working does not answer, the control operator accesses
a link from the automated email which displays a real-time GPS
location accurate within 50 feet. There is also a button that displays
the local 10-digit emergency telephone number for the location
where the alert originated. The control room dispatches local
Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and when EMS arrives the
control room provides the gate code and directs them to within 50
feet of the person who is down.

When the check-in timer
reaches 10 minutes until
check in, the app alerts
the phone. When the
timer reaches 45 seconds
until check in, a
countdown timer activates
and vibrates. When the
timer reaches 30 seconds,
a loud alert counts down
every second.

Becklar Worker Safety Pro app

From left: The countdown timer activates when the user is within 45 seconds of sending a call to the designated emergency contact. At 30 seconds, there is an audible and vibration alert every second which helps cuts down on false alarms. The “Help Requested” screen shows when an alert has been sent to the designated contact. For safety purposes, the audible alarm can be silenced by the user if the situation warrants (such as a standoff situation). The user can tailor which type of fall detection should be monitored based on that day’s activities.

“All in all, we are very satisfied with the WorkerSafety Pro Application. This is an excellent, inexpensive safety tool that has the potential for use across our organization.”

Successful deployment leads to expanding workforce safety in future projects

The program had a successful trial run at one plant location and is being considered for other projects across the
country. The fact that the app is cloud-based and works on both WiFi and cellular is critical for continuous
operation of the app regardless of the worker’s location on a job site. This means that even if a worker goes into
an area that does not have WiFi or cellular service, the alert will still be sent if the app is not reset before the
timer is expired. In addition, the app works on Android and Apple devices and is compatible with the Apple
Watch which provides maximum flexibility for its workers. The company’s plant workers can feel more confident
that they will be better protected in the event that an emergency occurs.

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