LoneWorker Pro for Android was released to provide people who work alone the same great protection that we provide for iPhone and Apple Watch users. The newly released LoneWorker Pro for Android provides multiple safety protocols to protect workers in the field, even if they are working alone.

LoneWorker Pro protects people who work alone and whose daily tasks require them to face workplace hazards, unfamiliar work environments, and social risks without the safety net of nearby co-workers.

• The safety protocols people need when working alone
• Safety protocols include Scheduled Check-Ins, Panic Button, and Worker Down Detection
• Enhances existing safety protocols and safety best practices
• Supports a safer work environment
• Designed for individuals who work alone
• Trusted by real estate, pharmaceutical companies, home service, commercial cleaning, social workers, and many other industries
• Safety managers enjoy the online dashboard with easy to use tools and reports
• Provides peace of mind

Scheduled Check-Ins + Worker Down Detection

• Scheduled check-ins provide assurance that people are ok
• Automatically alerts emergency contacts if a check-in is missed
• Silent alarm option help address social risks
• Cloud-based service ensures missed check-ins are reported even without phone internet connection
• Team management tools help ensure safety

LoneWorker Pro protects you, your employees, and your contractors.

• Set up one or hundreds of accounts in minutes
• Runs effortlessly in the background
• Automatically alerts emergency contacts by group or team
• Emergency contacts alerted by voice message, text message, and email
• Useful in areas where Wi-Fi and/or cell phone services are unreliable or unavailable

Free 10-day fully functioning trial (no credit card required). Contact sales for enterprise trials. Subscribe for $8.99 per month per person.

LoneWorker Pro monitors your location in the background in case of an emergency. Your location is only shared in the event of an emergency.