Protect yourself and your workers with a subscription to the Safety Service

Enterprise Subscription

Subscription Benefits

  • Worker protection
  • Reduced business risk
  • Easy administration
  • Access to dashboard
  • Monthly pro-rated payment
  • Multi-tiered organization support
  • Volume discount — contact Sales

Requires organization
administrator login


Subscription Benefits

  • Individual protection
  • Reduced risk
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Access to dashboard
  • Monthly payment

Individuals may subscribe using the “Upgrade Options” menu in the app


Enterprise Ready

Automatic Fall Detection

Scheduled Check-ins

Actionable Alerts

Safety Dashboard

Emergency Contacts

Actionable Alerts

Affordable Solutions

Online Resources

Benefits for Safety Administrators

– Simple, organization-wide setup and updating

– Web-based responsive dashboard

– Bulk import using spreadsheet

– Consolidated billing and no-hassle license management

– Training documents and video

Additional Features for Individual Users

– See usage and emergencies

– Manage emergency contacts

– Reminders for increased safety awareness

safety dashboard feature for WorkerSafety Pro