ProMat 2023 Recap

Becklar Honored to be Included in iOS District at ProMat

Becklar WorkForce Safety was represented at ProMat 2023, a tradeshow highlighting industry-leading innovators that help build the future of manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain technology for businesses. Becklar WorkForce Safety Solutions was invited to be part of the iOS District, a pairing of businesses that work closely with Apple to create business solutions that work on Apple devices. A few of the elite companies that were also featured in the iOS District were OtterBox, Ditto, and EVS.  

The iOS District highlighted each of these companies’ ability to improve business performance while decreasing the cost of operations through each of their respective offerings. In the case of companies such as EVS and Becklar WorkForce Safety Solutions, the decrease in costs for companies that utilize these solutions comes from increasing the safety of workers across industries and reducing workplace incidents.  

Highlighting Safety in the Workplace

In the iOS District, Becklar WorkForce Safety featured a powerful solution to help businesses better protect their workers. The WorkerSafety Pro app is the most comprehensive and customizable solution for iPhone and the Apple Watch available today.  

The WorkerSafety Pro app can protect workers across a number of industries. Field workers, lone-workers, workers at height or those who work in other potentially dangerous environments or situations can be protected using the WorkerSafety Pro app. Becklar WorkForce Safety recently partnered with Sunnova Energy to protect their technicians with real-time monitoring systems and a comprehensive safety dashboard that keeps their managers in the loop. Technicians at Atlas Copco, the second largest seller and service provider of industrial air compressors in the United States, also benefit from the additional safety features provided by the Worker Safety Pro app for its lone workers. 

The robust safety features built into Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app are designed with the worker in mind. When the app is running, the phone is still able to last up to 18 hours. Additionally, some of the safety features include:  

  • Emergency Check-ins: Supervisors can request emergency check-ins from their team during a critical situation. This quickly provides answers to the supervisor regarding who is accounted for and who isn’t. 
  • Geolocation: This feature can be used to send check-in requests to those in a critical area.  
  • Fall Detection: WorkerSafety Pro can detect when an employee has fallen and automatically request help to their location. 
  • Panic Button: Pressing a panic button sends a silent alarm to immediately alert supervisors to send help to the employee using the device’s GPS. 
  • Indoor Mapping: Taking GPS location a step further – the app has the unique ability to send supervisors the exact location (what floor the employee is on) during a critical event. Using the app’s integration with EVS’s powerful mapping technology, the mapping capabilities are useful inside manufacturing plants. 
  • Worker-Down Detection: Utilizing the device’s gyroscope, the app can detect when a worker hasn’t moved for a pre-determined period of time. This can help workers that have lost consciousness from fumes or a gas leak, and receive help immediately.  
  • Organizational Dashboard: A centralized location that allows supervisors to manage and protect their workers with real-time status updates. 

An additional benefit to companies that implement the WorkerSafety Pro app into the workplace is employee retention. Employees that feel protected by their employer are more likely to stay. This can save the company between 50% – 60 % of the employee’s salary in recruiting and training a new employee alone.

Employees that feel protected by their employer are more likely to stay. 

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Becklar WorkForce Safety was proud to be a part of the prestigious iOS District at ProMat 2023. This elite group represents businesses utilizing technology to push industrial manufacturing and supply chain businesses forward with cutting-edge technology and systems.  

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