Increase Workplace Safety for Lone Workers

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Working alone can be risky, especially when manufacturing employees are faced with hazardous work environments and potential dangers on the job. Employers today rely heavily on technology to protect their lone workers. Safety mobile apps are emerging as a new, effective tool to help employers improve the safety of their lone workers. 

Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app is the industry-leading choice because of its unique set of features and capabilities. Here are some of the advantages of Becklar’s safety app for lone workers to improve workplace safety.


The check-in and check-out feature of Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app allows lone workers to send their safety status to their safety managers throughout their shift.

When a worker starts their shift, they can use the app to check-in and indicate that they are beginning work. Then, at predetermined intervals or as required by safety protocols, the worker can check-in to confirm they are still safe. If the worker fails to check-in at a specified time, an alert is automatically generated and the employer or safety manager can initiate an emergency response.

Additionally, employee check-in and check-out data generated by the app can be used to analyze worker behavior and identify any patterns or trends in safety risks. These data insights can help employers improve their safety protocols, enhance training programs, and address any potential safety issues promptly.

Emergency Alerts

The Becklar WorkerSafety Pro app includes an emergency alert function designed to quickly notify employers or safety managers in the event of an emergency.

If a worker feels threatened or encounters a hazardous situation, they can activate the emergency alert feature on the app. This sends an immediate alert to their safety manager, including the worker’s location, to empower management to respond effectively.

The emergency alert feature works with various communication channels to ensure the signal is received promptly, even in areas with poor network coverage. These channels may include text messages, emails, phone calls, or push notifications, depending on the user’s preferences or the established safety protocols.

This function provides an immediate response to potential safety hazards, allowing employers to take action quickly to minimize the risk of injury or harm to their workers. It also ensures that emergency services are alerted promptly when needed.

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Fall Detection

Fall-related injuries in hazardous work environments are a leading cause of injury and even fatalities, particularly among lone workers. Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app includes a fall detection feature that uses advanced sensors and algorithms to detect if a lone worker has experienced a fall.

If a fall is detected, an alert is automatically sent to the worker’s employer, again with the location of the fall, allowing the employer to respond quickly and provide assistance to the worker.


Similar to fall detection, if a worker becomes unconscious or incapacitated for any reason and is unable to signal for help, the Becklar WorkerSafety Pro app detects their lack of movement and automatically sends a notification to the manager to quickly send for help.

Social Worker Protection When Visiting Homes

Panic Button

The panic button or ‘send for help button’ is another integral feature of the Becklar WorkerSafety Pro app for lone workers. When pressed, the panic button quickly and discreetly requests help from designated emergency contacts with a single touch, ensuring the lone worker receives assistance quickly in a potentially dangerous situation. This is particularly helpful for social workers, in-home healthcare providers, real estate agents as they enter unfamiliar environments. In these scenarios, having a discreet and easy way to alert others in emergencies is critical.

Final Thoughts

Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app is a comprehensive safety solution designed to help protect lone workers in any remote hazardous environment. The app includes a range of safety features, such as real-time location tracking, check-in and check-out functions, emergency alerts, panic button, fall detection, and worker-down function.

The app’s many features empower employers to monitor the safety of their lone workers and respond quickly in any scenario, providing emergency assistance when needed. WorkerSafety Pro is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. The benefits of utilizing Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app are significant:

  • Create a corporate culture of safety
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of your most valuable asset – your people
  • Help your workers feel appreciated knowing you are concerned about their safety
  • Protect your company from liability risks associated with employee accidents
Learn more about the WorkerSafety Pro app and how it can help you create a comprehensive, customizable safety solution for your lone workers.