Intelligent Solutions for Protecting Your Workforce

Making a commitment to employee safety with

real-time connected safety monitoring solutions.

Protecting lone workers has been part of the safety performance landscape for some time now; however, the focus has gradually shifted from simply monitoring people to empowering them. It goes beyond reactive measures, such as incident detection and response, to implementing an expansive safety culture including proactive strategies that promote incident avoidance. For a deeper look into innovative solutions to protect your employees, download our whitepaper, The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Connected Safety Solutions.

A Need for Increased Adoption of Workplace Safety Solutions

The clear need for connected safety solutions in the workplace is captured in the number of occupational injuries, deaths, and illnesses experienced each year.
According to the International Labour Organization, there are approximately 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually. They also acknowledge there is a gross underreporting of occupational accidents and illnesses, giving a false picture of the problem’s scope.

340 million occupational accidents per year

The need for broader adoption of workplace connected safety solutions is widely recognized. An Employee Risk Management (ERM) safety survey found that 92% of organizations view harnessing technology and data as vital to improving safety performance. Yet so many of these organizations struggle to make the leap from great ideas to practical solutions. Adding technology such as mobile apps, specialized devices, and AI-powered solutions to workforce safety can help proactively protect employees. This can be accomplished proactively by analyzing worker trends and sending notifications before an issue becomes serious, and reactively by sending alerts when check-ins are missed, or falls are detected. 

Investing in worker safety promotes the well-being and peace of mind of employees and simultaneously adds a layer of protection for organizations against litigation and negligence.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Connected Safety Solutions

Staying connected is critical in today’s society. It has never been easier to manage our safety.

Technology that Helps Your Workers Get Home Safe – Everyday

Becklar is committed to developing industry-leading connected safety solutions to keep people and their property safe 24/7. Becklar Workforce Safety provides innovative technology including applications that work on mobile devices and Apple Watch, discrete devices, professional monitoring, and an AI-powered customer engagement platform to provide superior protection to workers everywhere.

Lone workers represent a large group of at-risk employees. They are individuals that carry out their duties without direct supervision, independently, and often in remote areas. In 2015, Berg Insight projected there were 15 million lone workers in North America and Europe. Today, Berg Insight forecasts 1.8 million lone workers will be utilizing some form of connected safety solutions by 2025. That’s over a 13-million-person gap between protected and unprotected lone workers.

Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app enables organizations to better protect their lone workers. This revolutionary app works on both Apple Watch and iPhone, as well as Android phones, making it an easy safety solution to deploy for any organization. It provides significant benefits to any company looking to enhance the safety of their workers.

  • Proactive check-ins to enhance safety protocols – With the app, employees can do regular check-ins with their managers to communicate they are safe. They are also able to request help in an emergency.
  • Automated requests for help – The app utilizes the accelerometer in smartphones and Apple Watches to detect if an employee falls, immediately notifying their supervisor effectively getting help even when an employee can’t ask for it themselves. It can also recognize when a worker has been motionless for a specified period of time and signal the employer in the event of an emergency.
  • Centralized safety management – Safety supervisors are empowered with a dashboard that shows the status of all employees in the field. Through the dashboard, managers can send individual or group notifications, request regular check-ins, receive emergency notifications, and send help in an emergency directly to the employee’s precise location.
  • Data privacy. Always – Employee location is never shared with their supervisor except when there is an emergency notification. Also, Becklar does not track or store location data, keeping your employee’s personal data private.

The WorkerSafety Pro app also integrates with our AI-powered Becklar Engage platform for workers who need the added benefit of a silent alarm, such as real estate agents or social workers. When the silent alarm is activated, the WorkerSafety Pro app receives the signal and the AI-platform calls to verify the alarm. If the alarm is not answered, the emergency protocols are initiated to get employees the help they need. Backed with AI, the WorkerSafety Pro app has the ability to help lone workers across all industries.

A Commitment to Protecting Your Employees

Making a commitment to employee safety with real-time connected safety monitoring solutions gives your employees peace of mind knowing that their company cares about their safety. Your organization also benefits from a layer of protection against litigation and negligence.

To learn more about connected safety solutions and Becklar’s advancements with AI in protecting people and property, download our whitepaper.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Connected Safety Solutions

Staying connected is critical in today’s society. It has never been easier to manage our safety.