Becklar Workforce Safety Protects Government Workers

Becklar Signs Contract to Protect Workers of one of the Largest States

Employees from government agencies across the United States enter potentially dangerous situations daily. With over 2 million employees injured at work every year, Becklar provides the solutions to ensure employees are protected no matter where they are. In April 2023, Becklar Workforce Safety signed a contract with one of the 15 largest States in the country to begin protecting over 1,700 of their workers. This state agency had a significant need for a safety solution that provided a combination of safety features to ensure state employees could both plan for their safety in advance and react to unsafe situations.

Large organizations, like government agencies, can have thousands of employees, case workers or investigators working in homes and businesses across their state. These employees often work alone, leaving them vulnerable to accidents or even attacks. Becklar can help ensure their protection is paramount. Utilizing connected devices and apps, safety managers can save time by automating their safety protocols centralized in the Safety Portal and have peace of mind knowing that every employee will return home from work safely.

Safety Protocols Designed for Any Situation

Having the ability to call for help in a discreet way can be lifesaving to many government employees that are doing house visits. Often, these employees do not know what kind of situation they will encounter when they enter someone’s home or business. By merely pressing Becklar’s Safety Button, a silent alarm is sent to the Becklar monitoring center, alerting them of an emergency. Each organization can implement a customized action plan for different emergency types. 

Having the ability to call for help in a discreet way can be lifesaving to many government employees that are doing house visits.

Workers who have the Safety Button with them can feel protected knowing that they can signal for help silently at the push of a button, even without touching their phone. Before entering a potentially dangerous situation, each worker can also set custom check-in times with the Workersafety Pro app. If they miss the defined check-in window, then an alarm will be sent to the monitoring center.

It is not uncommon that state employees enter locations that do not have reliable cell or WiFi coverage. Making a call or using an app is not a possibility for these individuals, placing them in considerable danger. Becklar Workforce Safety provides pre-built integration to a satellite device, ensuring even those remote workers are protected.

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Easing the Burden of Safety for Safety Managers and Leaders

State safety managers often feel overwhelmed with the task of keeping their employees safe. With Becklar’s Workforce Safety Dashboard, managing employee safety is simplified in a comprehensive, consolidated view. By using the Safety Dashboard it is easier for State safety managers to monitor for emergencies, track missed check-ins and send mass notifications when needed. In order to effectively manage response to emergencies 24/7, this State agency elected to use Becklar’s professional monitoring services for optimal protection. Optionally, organizations can leverage their own in-house security services if desired. With the capabilities provided in this comprehensive connected safety solution, the duty of care becomes less of a burden for safety managers by automating the processes and increasing the effectiveness of emergency protocols. Becklar Workforce Safety solutions can be integrated with an organization’s employee management systems through SCIM and SSO technology making managing a large group of workers quick and easy.

Ensure Government Employees Return Home Safely

These government employees are now safer at work thanks to Becklar Workforce Safety. Becklar is here to ensure every workforce has access to the most advanced safety protection so they can return home safely each day.  Thanks to our connected safety solutions these government safety managers have the tools to proactively protect their employees from unexpected dangers or hazards and react immediately in the event of an emergency. Inevitably, something will go wrong on the job, and when it does, they will know their employees are protected with the best technology available.

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