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Addressing the Dangers for Employees Doing Home Visits

It is estimated that 65% of lone workers doing home visits have experienced an incident where they endured some form of workplace violence and even more have felt unsafe when working alone. At Becklar Workforce Safety, our goal is to maximize the safety of your lone workers.

Easily implement and manage safety protocols for employees working alone doing home visits with our innovative mobile applications, devices, and 24/7 professional monitoring service. Our connected safety solutions help you proactively protect employees from unexpected dangers and allow you to stay connected with your employees using devices they already carry. Workers can set up check-in times and react immediately if they feel uncomfortable or are in danger, signaling for help silently if needed. Our advanced safety platform protects your workers and their privacy. No unnecessary information is ever recorded or sent.

Join us for our Webinar on June 29th to learn how we can help you protect your employees that make home visits.

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Government Social Worker Protection Devices

A large state agency implemented Becklar Workforce Safety to protect workers who make house vists

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There are over 53 million lone workers globally, from social workers entering people’s homes to those climbing utility poles to those working in manufacturing plants. They face environmental, physical or emotional harm in their roles, and are often left without any reliable way to get help when needed. Join this webinar to hear about some of the challenges faced by large government agencies in protecting their workers, and how they are similar to issues confronted by anyone working alone. You will also learn about innovative solutions including mobile apps, discrete devices and 24/7 monitoring to provide comprehensive, flexible connected safety for workers in any industry.

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