Upgrading Safety for Warehouse Employees

With accurate indoor mapping, WorkerSafety Pro can speed up response times to emergency situations and get warehouse employees the immediate help they need.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Increasing employee safety doesn’t require a complete overhaul of in-house safety plans or safety equipment. The WorkerSafety Pro app increases employee safety and works on the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android phones that employees already own. A major benefit to the WorkerSafety Pro app is an integration with EVS mobe3, a powerful indoor mapping tool that can quickly and accurately locate employees that are indoors and get them the help they need in the event of an accident.

The Frequency of Warehouse Workplace Incidents

Warehouse worker incidents are far too common. Unfortunately, fatal incidents happen more often than one might believe. Take one look at the United States Depart of Labor OSHA active accident search results list and it becomes clear that fatal warehouse incidents occur frequently.

When an incident occurs, such as a worker in a warehouse experiencing a heart attack, getting the employee immediate help is crucial and can potentially save the employee’s life.

 Fatal warehouse incidents occur frequently.

How Indoor Mapping Increase Employee Safety

Even if your employees currently wear a safety device with GPS location, GPS alone can only do so much indoors. Signals from the positional satellites in space attempting to reach the device are interrupted by roofs, walls, and other objects inside of a warehouse making GPS not as accurate, or completely unusable indoors.

The Tesla Gigafactory in Texas is over 10 million square feet. That’s the size of around 100 football fields! The Prologis warehouse in Seattle is three stories and 590,000 square feet. For instance, if a worker in one of those warehouses experienced an incident, like a fall or heart attack, and needed immediate assistance, it would be virtually impossible to find them without accurate indoor location services.

The WorkerSafety Pro app utilizes EVS mobe3 indoor mapping technology to provide safety supervisors with accurate location of their employees in the event of an incident to help improve workplace safety. The employee doesn’t need to wear any additional equipment and the company doesn’t need to install any new hardware throughout the facility. It’s all available on the WorkerSafety Pro app.

The app has various capabilities ranging from fall detection to scheduling check-ins. Employees can also request help through the app and on their AppleWatch. When a fall occurs, a scheduled check-in is missed, or the panic button is pressed, the location of the employee is shared with their safety supervisor. The WorkerSafety Pro app does not track employees. Instead, an employee’s location is only shared with the supervisor when a signal is sent from the app to the safety dashboard. During the event, the supervisor will have access to the exact location data of the employee, including what floor they are on.

To further increase indoor mapping accuracy, EVS mobe3 utilizes Apple’s Indoor Maps Program to provide GPS-level accuracy while inside. Using the sensors inside of the iOS device (iPhone or Apple Watch) and the building’s inside WiFi access points, mobe3 and the WorkerSafety Pro app are able to provide safety managers with the most accurate location service available for indoor workers.

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Better Protecting Warehouse Employees with WorkerSafety Pro

WorkerSafety Pro is trusted by companies that prioritize employee safety management across industries including Sunnova, a leading U.S. Energy as a Service (EAAS) provider, to protect their workforce. With accurate indoor mapping, WorkerSafety Pro can speed up response times to emergency situations and get employees the immediate help they need. This ultimately leads to an increased company culture of safety helping your workers feel better protected while protecting your company from liability risks.

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