New Features​ for
WorkerSafety Pro

One of the most difficult tasks a manager faces with keeping their employees safe on the job is getting the workers to wear or use safety gear properly. The solution employed by a global chemical distribution company is to use Becklar’s WorkerSafety Pro app on Apple Watch. This has made it easier to address a common issue for workforce safety – program adherence.

Getting employees to wear their safety devices is one issue, that the downloadable WorkerSafety Pro app available for Apple Watch and iPhone helps combat, but getting workers to turn on the safety solution during their shift is another safety hazard that many managers regularly face.

The latest feature release on the WorkerSafety Pro app can help managers keep their employees safe and assist with employees who have trouble remembering to turn on their safety solution when arriving to a job, and off when they are done working for the day.

Through the dashboard, managers now have the ability to send start and stop app notifications to their workers. These notifications can be scheduled based on time and day or can be triggered using geofencing.

Scheduling start and stop notifications is a great practice for workers who go to different job sites daily and work irregular work hours. A 9-to-5 notification system will not suffice for irregular work schedules. The scheduling start and stop app notification feature helps keep workers safe by prompting them to start and stop the app during the hours they are actually working, instead of receiving unnecessary notifications when a worker may not be on the job.

The geofencing feature is a great tool for workers who go to the same place for work every day, for example, a warehouse or mine. Once the person arrives at the location, a reminder will be sent to their device to start their app for the day.

For Apple users, if the manager has a required check-in set up for their workers, it will start their check-in at the scheduled time, regardless of whether the app is open or not.

These new features benefit both management and employees by providing a convenient solution to keep both parties accountable. To learn more about these new features, or how to integrate the WorkerSafety Pro app into your business, contact our WorkerSafety Pro Specialists for more information.