The safety app that can save your life

The Apple Watch is cutting edge and now Tidyware has put it to work as part of a fall detection solution. FallSafety Pro for Apple Watch gives convenient access to the paired iPhone running FallSafety Pro that is carried in a pocket or harness pouch to detect falls. The Apple Watch FallSafety app gives you easy access as an extension to the paired iPhone running FallSafety Pro.

Fall Monitoring

FallSafety Pro watches your back when you are at height, while at work or doing projects around the house. The delightfully animated “fall guy” verifies that your monitoring system is active on your phone.


Apple Watch fall monitoring

Fall Detection

Falls can cause head injuries that require a rapid response to prevent possible fatality. Since these often make a person unable to seek help, because they may be unconscious or have a concussion, fall monitoring can save their life.

When a fall is detected, a timer will appear on the watch face, counting down to a call for help.


Apple Watch fall detection

Fall Alarm

With an Apple Watch you can conveniently dismiss the fall detected countdown timer using its lightweight interface. If you don’t do this within 45 seconds of a detected fall the app will automatically notify emergency contacts that you need help, and will also sound an audible alarm on the phone to alert anyone nearby.


Apple Watch fall alarm


With FallSafety Pro for iPhone, and the companion FallSafety Pro for Apple Watch app acting as a remote control, you can improve your safety best practices by using the FallSafety Pro iOS fall detection solution.