Emergency Communication and Check-ins

Our industry leading safety software allows you to communicate effectively during an emergency. When time is critical, select groups and teams, and optionally select a location, to send emergency messages to. At the same time, you can request an emergency check-in.

When workers receive the emergency message, they also check-in to let you know if they are ok, or if they need help. Safety Managers easily see who has checked-in, and who hasn’t. This allows continued communication to be focused on those who may need assistance.

Communicate Easily

Using the Online Dashboard for organizations, sending emergency check-ins could not be easier. You select the groups and teams to send an emergency message to.

Optionally, you can add a geo-fence (geographic area) for the people you want to receive the message. Tap on the Send button and your affected workers are asked to check-in right away letting you know if they need assistance.

Check-ins are Easy and Reliable

Emergency check-ins have automatic SMS backup, so anyone who doesn't respond the a notification to one of the Health and Safety apps, gets a text message.

The included text bot lets a worker respond by text to let Safety Managers know that they are ok.

Respond Fast When Needed

When a person sends for help, alerts are sent and Safety Managers can respond immediately. Instead of spending time sending messages, Safety Managers can manage a crisis and respond to those who need help.

Now any organization can have their own Emergency Alert System to quickly and effectively reach their employees for improved safety best practices and improve emergency management.

Online Safety Dashboard

The Online Dashboard has all the tools you need to send Emergency Check-ins, monitor the situation, and contact those in need of help. You can target a specific group/team and filter who will receive the check-in request based on location.

Being a privacy first company, an employees location is not shared, unless a countdown completes and a siren sounds. This gives employees control. When a geo-fenced Emergency Check-in is sent, the emergency notification is sent to all the phones for the administrator selected groups and team. Then, the FallSafety apps determine whether or not to show an emergency message based on the person’s location. Through this policy, we protect employee privacy.

After requesting an emergency check-in, the Online Dashboard allows Safety Managers to filter the emergency check-ins to see the short list of employees haven’t checked-in yet or have asked for help. This allows Safety Managers to manage emergencies and get help to people who need it for improved safety and emergency response.